Budgeting for 2020 Promotional Products

It’s that time of year. Everyone is making their budget for the new year. Businesses are figuring out if they can hire new employees and if they can afford to give out generous bonuses or increase salaries. They’re determining how much money they can spend on their marketing budget, which includes how much they can spend for the year on … Read More

Holiday Swag Ideas

Tis the season for giving! You might be making your list and checking it twice, but have you made sure to add your clients to the list? You’re getting gifts for your family and friends, sure, but giving gifts to your clients should also be added to your list. A gift goes a long way in showing your clients you … Read More

Client Holiday Gifts on a Budget

October might seem a little early to start planning holiday client gifts, but believe us, it’s the perfect time. The earlier you start planning, the better. Give yourself ample time to gather a budget, make a list of clients who will be receiving a gift, and decide on the gift. One of the greatest benefits of planning holiday client gifts … Read More

Fall Swag Ideas

Oh my gourd, fall is HERE! Grab your scarves, sweaters, a pumpkin spice latte, and light that fireplace or your favorite candle! The cozy season is upon us! We’re at that perfect time of year where we aren’t sweating through our dressy clothes, and we’re not quite ready to wear the three of four layers of clothing that old man … Read More

Minnesota Hands-Free Law

On August 1st, Minnesota joined 17 other states requiring drivers to have their cellphones in hand-free mode while driving. It was already illegal in Minnesota to text or send emails while driving and that includes browsing the internet and using mobile apps, but phone calls were allowed prior to the law being passed.   In the first week alone, police … Read More

Back to School Promo Products

It’s that time of year again—the time that kids loathe and parents look forward to. It’s back to school! Help make the new year fun and exciting with back to school swag and giveaway items! Whether you’re showing appreciation for teachers, staff, and parents, or you’re welcoming students back and cheering for the home team, promo products are a great … Read More

Hot Summer Swag Ideas

53% of consumers say they use a promotional product at least once a week and 6 out of 10 hold onto those promo products for at least 2 years. Free swag is a smart business investment. There are few advertising ventures that work as well as swag. One of the most important reasons promo products work is that they’re useful, … Read More

Why Promotional Products Matter

Let’s face it, we’re living in the digital age where swiping, adding, liking, and friending mean entirely different things than they did when we were kids. With so much emphasis on the digital end of marketing and promotion, it’s easy to forget that there are other ways to raise brand awareness. Branded giveaways and promotional products are still really great … Read More

Why Custom Swag is a Brilliant for Business

How many business sponsored events have you gone to? Let’s rephrase, how many custom can holders do you have? Promotional products are a great marketing strategy if done correctly. They can impact your company in a lot of beneficial ways. These products are valuable to both new and existing customers, even the smallest product can generate customer loyalty. So, why … Read More

The Best Materials for Outdoor Business Signs

It’s hard to stay competitive, adhere to industry standards, continue profit growth, and balance a home life all at one time. There’s no getting around it, owning a business is a different type of beast—one that requires a lot from you. One way to stand out is with signage, but choosing what’s right for your business can be another challenge. … Read More