Minnesota Hands-Free Law

On August 1st, Minnesota joined 17 other states requiring drivers to have their cellphones in hand-free mode while driving. It was already illegal in Minnesota to text or send emails while driving and that includes browsing the internet and using mobile apps, but phone calls were allowed prior to the law being passed.


In the first week alone, police across Minnesota issues over 600 citations for distracted driving, most of which were cited as cellphone use. While we’re all still getting used to the new law, it’s a great way for businesses to take advantage of all the hype by offering consumers promotional products for the hands-free future.


First of all, it shows that businesses are aware of what’s trending and being talked about. This is a big adjustment for Minnesota residents. Many are rushing out to buy hand-free mounts and Bluetooth speakers, but what if your business name could be on those products?


Here are a few suggestions of products that consumers will really value—you might even help keep your customers safe!


  • Bluetooth Sunglasses
    • Keep the sun out of their eyes and the phone out of their hands with this awesome idea!
  • Smartphone Car Mount
    • Give customers and patrons a way to mount their phones instead of hold them!
  • Car Charger
    • Another great option for your tech savvy customers!
  • Bluetooth Speaker
    • This will allow people to connect to their phones without actually holding onto them!

For more information or ideas about promotional products be sure to contact us at FaceTime Business Resources!


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