From Founder and CEO Chris Dolney: “My very first job out of High School and then College was for a Printing, Promotional Products, and Logowear Company.   I loved my job and the industry.   During my time there, I saw a sign at one of our locations that read something like: ‘High Quality, Great Service, Low Prices: Choose Two.’     Great for a chuckle, but it made me think, Why? Why can’t a company offer Top Quality, Fantastic Service, and Competitive Prices? Well, ten-plus years later, and after some time away from the industry, I found a way to make it all happen.   FaceTime Business Resources was born.

“We are different from any of our competitors. We shop each project to our carefully selected network of “Producer Partners”, each of whom provides very beneficial volume pricing and superior quality and service. From those competitive bids, we select the one that provides the best value based on the required quality and turnaround time. As a result, our clients benefit from the convenience of working with just one source, while receiving the cost savings of many bids. Time spent by our client is greatly reduced, and costs go down.