Hot Summer Swag Ideas

53% of consumers say they use a promotional product at least once a week and 6 out of 10 hold onto those promo products for at least 2 years. Free swag is a smart business investment. There are few advertising ventures that work as well as swag. One of the most important reasons promo products work is that they’re useful, practical, and relevant. If you give out a pool floaty in December, chances are people aren’t going to hold onto it until it’s nice enough outside to use it—it’s a waste of your money. That said, it would be the perfect option for June giveaways. Here are some hot summer swag ideas that are sure to get your brand recognition and consumer awareness.



Sunglasses are an inexpensive and practical option for summer swag. Everyone wears shades in the summer and how great would it be to have your logo seen every time someone puts on their sunglasses?! It’s just a great summer idea.


Beach Towel:

Beach towels are another great summer swag idea because they are something people tend to hang onto and they get used a lot. Whether someone’s at a community pool or public beach, their towel is either laying on the ground or wrapped around their body. Either way, it’s seen.

Chapstick with SPF:

We all know there’s no such thing as too much lip balm. Chances are you’ve got a car lip balm, bedside lip balm, purse lip balm, and car lip balm. When you add that SPF you’re ensuring that your swag product gets used year round!


Car Sun Shade:

There aren’t many things to dislike about summer. However, getting into your car after a day at work or an afternoon at the beach and your car is sweltering, your steering wheel burns your hands, and you practically melt into your seat may just be one of those things. Avoid all of that by providing your consumers with a car sun shade. Every time someone walks past a car in a parking lot that’s got a sunshade, it’s pretty noticeable. Think about if it were your logo they were seeing.


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