Hot Summer Swag Ideas

53% of consumers say they use a promotional product at least once a week and 6 out of 10 hold onto those promo products for at least 2 years. Free swag is a smart business investment. There are few advertising ventures that work as well as swag. One of the most important reasons promo products work is that they’re useful, … Read More

Why Promotional Products Matter

Let’s face it, we’re living in the digital age where swiping, adding, liking, and friending mean entirely different things than they did when we were kids. With so much emphasis on the digital end of marketing and promotion, it’s easy to forget that there are other ways to raise brand awareness. Branded giveaways and promotional products are still really great … Read More

Why Custom Swag is a Brilliant for Business

How many business sponsored events have you gone to? Let’s rephrase, how many custom can holders do you have? Promotional products are a great marketing strategy if done correctly. They can impact your company in a lot of beneficial ways. These products are valuable to both new and existing customers, even the smallest product can generate customer loyalty. So, why … Read More

The Best Materials for Outdoor Business Signs

It’s hard to stay competitive, adhere to industry standards, continue profit growth, and balance a home life all at one time. There’s no getting around it, owning a business is a different type of beast—one that requires a lot from you. One way to stand out is with signage, but choosing what’s right for your business can be another challenge. … Read More

What You Need to Know about Outdoor Business Signs

Potential customers pass by your business every single day, but how many actually notice you? Let’s face it, people are just busier than they used to be; between kids, mobile devices, traffic, or just plain distraction, it can be hard to get your business to stand out enough to make an impact. Well designed, quality signs are the perfect way … Read More

Springtime in Central Minnesota

If you have to put your heat on during the morning commute only to quickly switch it to cool air on your way home, you’re probably from Central Minnesota and it’s probably springtime. Spring in Central Minnesota is a special time, it has to be when everyone has pretty much been cooped up since Thanksgiving. Spring represents newness: new beginnings, … Read More

5 Inexpensive Promotional Product Ideas

Clients and employees alike look forward to company giveaways. The smallest swag item can have a big impact. The purpose of giving away goodies is to get noticed and be remembered. T-shirts and paperweights are tired ideas that are easily forgotten, but you have to find items that are universal and inexpensive. So how do you do all of those … Read More