The Best Materials for Outdoor Business Signs

It’s hard to stay competitive, adhere to industry standards, continue profit growth, and balance a home life all at one time. There’s no getting around it, owning a business is a different type of beast—one that requires a lot from you. One way to stand out is with signage, but choosing what’s right for your business can be another challenge. A great place to start is by deciding which material is best for your sign. Here are some ideas:
That question can get a bit tricky. The best material depends on a lot of variables, but particularly what you are looking for. If you’re looking for something durable, quality, and able to withstand the Minnesota winters, your best option is a metal sign.

Known for strength and durability, aluminum is a very popular material for signage. It looks professional and polished and won’t warp or shatter. However, aluminum is a rather thin material.

This is a combination of aluminum and corrugated plastic. These signs are reliable and easy to maintain and install.

Dibond has the appearance of aluminum, but is thicker. The core is plastic so as to give the sign more dimension without the added weight. Dibond is the perfect material for extreme temperatures and snow, making it ideal for Minnesota businesses.

PVC Signs:
These signs are what you’d see outside of apartment complexes or “for sale” signs. They are built to withstand long durations outdoors and are durable while still looking professional.
Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s outdoor or indoor signs, Facetime Business Resources can find exactly what you need! Contact us today for more information!

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