Often, businesses think logoed apparel is only for staff and employees in uniform. While this certainly is a great way to ensure your staff look professional and cohesive, logoed apparel can help your business in many more ways than an embroidered polo shirt.

When your company attends a golf tournament, your volunteers can wear custom visors. When you send your client holiday gifts, you can include a t-shirt printed with a fun holiday message. Networking and charitable events are great places to show off logoed hats, screen-printed tee’s, and even fleece or leather jackets with embroidered logos. And with a dedicated business portal, Facetime can even help you set up logowear as a revenue source, providing your clients, vendors, and business partners the opportunity to show the world they support your business.

When your business logo is on apparel, everyone you meet can be a walking billboard for your company. From hats to t-shirts to jackets, Facetime Business Resources can help you clothe the town with your logowear.