Promotional Products for Back-to-School College Events

With in-person events back on the menu, this summer is the perfect time to promote your brand with customizable back-to-school products. No one is immune to the irresistible draw of free stuff—least of all college students. Get your name and logo out there by hitting up college fairs and other community events this summer.

Phone Card Sleeves

Ah, college—that strange transitional time when you suddenly have an excess of payment and ID cards and nowhere to put them. Whether it’s for paying for meals or accessing the dorms, these handy phone card sleeves ensure your customers’ cards are never out of reach. Choose from multiple color options and finish them with your logo to keep your brand fresh in your customers’ minds.

Reusable Straw

You may think reusable straws have had their little moment in the spotlight, but being environmentally conscious is an attitude that’s here to stay for the younger generations. These reusable silicone straws come stored in a portable case customized with your company’s name. Plus, they change color in cold liquid, which, we can all agree, makes everything five times cooler.

Notebook and Pen

Never be without paper or a writing utensil with this notebook and pen combo. Five color options and branded with your company’s name, it comes with a matching pen that easily stores in the elastic side loop.

Water Bottles 

Staying hydrated throughout long days of classes and clubs is a necessity. This 40 oz. branded water bottle is durable enough to handle the on-the-go campus lifestyle. Featuring a BPA-free straw lid and a paracord handle, your college-age customers will stay cool and look cooler supporting your company.

Headphone Cord Organizer


It’s time for a library study session. Your customer has their water bottle, notebook, and snack all ready to go—they’re just missing the tunes. They reach into their backpack, only to find their headphone cord resembles a pretzel. Oh, and that knot is not coming out.

Keep your customers from experiencing this modern tragedy with a trusty headphone organizer. Brand it with your logo, and they’ll always know who to thank for their un-tangled earphones.

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