There are a lot of ways to market a business, but there are certain situations that call for specific strategies. Yard signs, for instance, are one of the most unique and specialized methods. These signs are typically placed in high-traffic areas, where they’ll spread brand awareness to a lot of viewers. While they aren’t as involved or interactive as a salesperson or digital ad, they spread your business’ name 24/7 and are a strong marketing tool.  

Benefits of Yard Signs for Your Business 

Other marketing approaches or forms of advertising have their pros and cons, but yard signs are a distinctive choice. They are a more “old-fashioned” strategy, but they’ve stuck around for a reason.  


Compared to a lot of other marketing strategies, yard signs are relatively inexpensive. Even similar, larger-scale advertising such as commercials or billboards can cost thousands of dollars. Yard signs, however, don’t feature expensive materials or high labor costs, so they are a more affordable option, especially for small businesses.  

Focused on Your Target Audience 

Digital marketing often relies on location data that could be inaccurate or outdated. Having a physical sign in a specific location guarantees that it will reach that precise local audience. This removes the guesswork from whether a campaign will reach your desired audience. 

Effective Marketing 

Research indicates that 85% of your customers live or work within five miles of your business. This means that yard signs placed in the right locations have the potential to bring in a lot of those customers. They also aid in the “rule of seven,” which states that a customer must be exposed to your business or product seven times before finally deciding to make a purchase. Word-of-mouth advertising is a powerful tool, and yard signs can replicate its effect when placed in neighborhoods or especially popular areas.  


When it comes to yard signs, you have plenty of options that can expand your marketing’s reach. For instance, choosing a durable material allows you to use the sign in any season. You can also choose environmentally friendly or sustainable materials, and even donate old signs for repurposing. Lightweight or small signs are also very easy to move if you want to change locations or target a different audience.  

How to Design Yard Signs for Your Business 

There are four main elements of a yard sign. As you make these decisions, focus on your business’s brand and the target audience you want to attract. However, yard signs are easily movable and changeable, so you can try different designs and locations until finding the perfect fit to engage with your audience.  

The most important considerations for your yard signs include:  

  • Style: the font, sizing, layout, colors, etc.  
  • Text: the copy about your business and the services or products it provides 
  • Call to action: used to instill a sense of urgency, such as “Call now!” or “Limited time only!”  
  • Location: where the sign is placed and for how long 

These decisions are extremely important because they change the effectiveness of the sign. For example, if you choose low-contrast colors or a font size that is too small, your sign won’t be as visible. Take time to craft the perfect design and find the perfect location for the most effective yard sign marketing.  

How to Measure the Success of Yard Signs 

There are multiple ways to track how yard signs could be helping your business. One way is to temporarily pause any other marketing strategies so any significant growth can be attributed strictly to the yard signs. Alternatively, put a short, unique promotional code on a yard sign, allowing you to directly see how many times it was used. Adding a phone number that differs from your business’s main number can help you determine how many people your yard signs are reaching.  

When you are ready to get started with developing your business’s yard signs, FaceTime Business Resources is here to help you through the whole process. Browse all of our products and services and get in touch with us to decide the best option for your business.