Make a Splash with Custom Company Apparel 

When it comes to brand awareness, few products keep your business top-of-mind like custom branded apparel! Unlike traditional advertising materials, like brochures or print ads, customers engage with custom business apparel each time they wear it—and each time, they’re reminded just how awesome your business is!  

Make Your Name with Custom Shirts, Jackets, and More! 

In addition to increasing your company’s exposure, distributing high-quality custom apparel communicates professionalism and a commitment to a positive customer experience, both of which help boost your company’s reputation and draw in more business.

At FaceTime Business Resources, we offer a nearly limitless selection of custom corporate apparel, including custom shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, jackets, hoodies, and more.  

Your Partner in Custom Business Apparel 

Most promotional print shops are only concerned with selling you their most expensive products. At FaceTime, we do things differently. When you partner with us, we walk you through the entire apparel production process, from art selection to delivery.   

Before any orders are placed or payment made, we work with you to determine your budget, select materials, and evaluate the suitability of the artwork to be printed on your custom apparel. If your desired artwork is too complicated to print, our team will work with you to simplify it. Once you submit your final design, we’ll formulate a comprehensive project timeline to ensure your products are delivered on time. During production, we’ll offer suggestions on sizing, including how many units of each size to produce. We’ll even provide sizing samples, so you know exactly what you’re getting when your order is complete.   

Of course, you get the final word on all aspects of the production process. The last thing we want to do is get in the way of your company vision.