How to Engage Your Audience With Print

Confident young specialists standing at table full of various types of paper and discussing color palette while going to print banner in advertising company office

Engaging your audience is a simple idea on paper, but it can be difficult to put strategy behind such a vague concept. When planning and designing your next set of promotional products, keep audience engagement top of mind to ensure the effectiveness of the campaign.


Why Does Audience Engagement Matter?

The purpose of audience engagement is straightforward: to create active investment in your brand or brand image. There are plenty of benefits to increasing customer engagement. Before figuring out how to engage your audience, identify what the goal of their engagement is. Are you trying to improve brand loyalty? Increase sales? Gain audience insight? Understanding your “why” is necessary to planning a successful promotional product marketing campaign.


Tips for Eye-Catching Print Designs

Humans are visual creatures. Ergo, one of the best ways to spark audience engagement is through an eye-catching design that can hold its own at a trade show or parade. Custom business accessories are a great way to showcase your business at events. Once you have a unique design, you can easily add it to multiple products with the help of a print company.

While crafting your design, keep these important principles in mind:

  • Contrast: look for opportunities to use contrasting colors and mixed fonts
  • Eye path: humans typically start at the upper left of an image and end at the lower right
  • White space: if every inch of your design is covered, nothing will stand out
  • Focal point: what’s the most important part of the design?

Small changes to your design may be necessary depending on whether you are a business-to-business or business-to-consumer company. Be sure to have your new print design correlate with your existing brand imaging, too.


Custom Promotional Products

Customized printing services, like Facetime Business Resources, offer promotional products beyond the ordinary. If you’re heading to a trade show, parade, or business event, vary your item selection to appeal to a wider audience, and look for unique products that will set you apart from the crowd.

In some ways, the items you choose to display your design say more about your brand than the design itself. The best logo or coolest color will fail to impress if it’s on a substandard product. Worse, your brand image could be worsened through low-quality products, so it’s essential to find a reputable company with a history of providing quality custom promotion merchandise.

Facetime Business Resources provides quality custom printed promotional products to businesses nationwide. With a wide selection of unique items, we guarantee we’ve got just the thing to help your company stand out this summer.

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