Customized business shirts can be a great way to commemorate an employee, celebrate an achievement, or remember a team building event. Creating a custom t-shirt, however, is easier said than done. When you do it right, your team can remember the lessons they learned each time they see it in their closet or throw it on.  

Consider The Three Cs 

You might think that creating a custom shirt for team building events is easy, but there is a common factor that if often neglected by the designer. Before you print your next shirt, consider the three Cs: cut, color, and comfort.  


The cut and fit of your shirt will be important if you want people to like and wear them. Some t-shirts are more form-fitting than others. For custom clothing for your team, you should pick a more relaxed fit. Choose shirts that are size inclusive and will ensure your employees feel confident wearing them.  


The best options are neutral colors like black, white, grey, or navy, all of which are unlikely to clash with your branding or logo. Incorporate your brand colors for a more memorable color scheme. Consider something like a baseball-style shirt, where you can utilize your brand’s primary and secondary colors on different parts of the shirt. We recommend avoiding polarizing colors like neon and pastel shades, because your employees are less likely to wear them again.  


A great shirt should be comfortable. If your shirt is scratchy or tight, it’s more likely to gather dust in your employees’ closets. For maximum comfort, look at the thread count of the shirt and the materials used. For thread count, we recommend anything between 200 and 400 because it strikes a good balance between cost and quality. For fabrics, prioritize comfort. 100% cotton is always a safe choice, but polyester and cotton blends are also suitable options.  

Memorialize the Event 

Creating a custom t-shirt can be a lot of fun, but don’t forget your primary goal: your shirts should represent your team building event. You can do this in several different ways, like listing the event name and date, using a witty or attention-catching slogan, or tailoring your entire design with themes and visual elements from the event.  

It can also be easy to get carried away at this step. You don’t have to include every detail of the event. Instead, pick the most important element your team took from the event.  

Make It Personal to Your Business 

Include your company name or logo somewhere on the shirt for maximum visibility. As your employees wear the shirt from your team building event, they give your company free publicity while they’re outside of work.  

Ask the Most Important Question 

Even if you go through all these steps, there is one question that will determine if your employees will wear your custom shirt. Simply ask yourself, “would I wear this?” If you like the look of the shirt you’ve created and think it will be comfortable, then others will likely too.  

Create Business Shirts with FaceTime Business Resources 

FaceTime Business Resources has several options for custom clothing for your team. Our shirts come in several colors, sizes, and materials, so you can build apparel that your crew will be proud to wear. We also carry several high-quality promotional products like drawstring bags and hats to supplement your shirts. If you need help finding the right product for your business, contact us today.