Is SWAG Still Effective?

Marketing tactics change and develop every year. For small businesses trying to get the attention they deserve, it can be difficult to keep up as the world of advertising becomes more complicated. So much of marketing happens online, which has caused many companies to wonder if so-called “physical” advertising efforts, like promotional swag, are still effective.

The short answer is “yes,” swag is still an effective way to promote your company, but there are a few important things to keep in mind.


The Balance of Function and Aesthetics

With the transition to a digital age, advertisers are seeing an emphasis on balancing aesthetics and functionality. Website design is an excellent example of this. Before, it was only necessary to have a functioning website; it’s now necessary to have a website that functions well and is pleasing to look at.

This same principle translates to swag. We’ve talked before about the importance of choosing promotional products people will keep. Everyone has received an excess of pens and stress balls that are typically in the trash before the month is over. Choosing promotional products that are both visually pleasing and functional is one way to ensure your swag strategy is effective.


Uniqueness is Key

Like so much else, your swag’s uniqueness will set it apart. Whether that uniqueness comes from the color palette, logo design, or the design of the item itself, swag items need to offer consumers something fresh to warrant their consideration.

So, what does “unique” look like when it comes to promotional products? It might be:

Check out our blog for more ideas on how to better engage with your audience through swag items.


Finding Function and Unique Swag with Facetime Business Resources

So, you know what makes promotional products effective—now where do you find them? For businesses small and large, Facetime Business Resources offers a massive variety of customizable swag options. Browse our online store to get started on your next successful swag campaign!

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