Best Electronic Promotional Products

When it comes to promoting your business, choosing useful promotional products is key. With the rapid growth of the internet just in the last 10 years, it’s obvious phones, computers, and other smart devices will continue to play an integral part in our daily lives—so, why not tailor your promotional product marketing strategy to that?

Electronic or tech promotional products are the perfect opportunity to provide your customers with something they’ll use and appreciate, keeping your company’s name fresh in their minds. That said, let’s take a look at some of the best electronic promotional products you can offer to market your business.


Wireless Chargers or Power Banks

When your phone is your map, your source of communication, and so much more, getting caught with a dead battery can be annoying at best and downright dangerous at worst. Portable power banks, like the Counsel 5000mAh Mini Power Bank, can be charged and conveniently stored in a pocket, bag, or purse, ensuring your customers always have a charge when they need it. Alternatively, these sleek power disc chargers are the perfect desk accessory to keep your brand’s name within sight.


Flash Drives

Flash drives are a simple promotional item with a lot of value—even if it isn’t used immediately, people don’t typically throw flash drives away. They’re extremely useful to have on hand, whether it’s for saving information from a crashing computer or transferring old documents to a new laptop. When the time comes, fill your customers’ need with a handy branded flash drive.


Pop-Out Phone Grips

Pop-out phone grips aren’t just a matter of convenience, allowing customers to stand their phones upright to comfortably watch videos. These handy phone accessories may also help people improve poor posture and reduce tension on their pinkies from propping up their phones. Introduce your consumers to improved convenience and comfort here.



Noise-Canceling Headphones

Looking for a high-end client gift? If you’ve experienced noise-canceling headphones, you know they make a world of difference, both for listening to music and for general productivity. The Anker® Soundcore Life Tune XR Bluetooth® Headphones block 90% of unwanted noise, allow EQ customization, and more—get them here.


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