The Best Promotional Products for New Businesses

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Bolstering your company’s reach gets harder every day. Tightened algorithms on search engines and social media platforms require businesses to pay for their visibility, making creativity essential when determining where to spend advertising dollars. For new businesses, this requires marketing campaigns that snowball—campaigns that create more value than what was originally invested. It’s a good thing nothing starts a conversation like well-made company swag or impactfully branded merchandise.

But where to start? There are thousands of items from hundreds of companies that claim to be the best new business products. To help ease the decision-making process, we grabbed 3 of the most successful branded merchandise products for companies just starting. We’ve selected items with a low per-unit cost that don’t lose out on surface area for branding and could maintain a long-term positive impact on its user.

Before we begin, here are some criteria to judge products by when looking for your next impactful company merch drop.

  1. Is it a quality product made of durable materials?
  2. Is it a product that can be used practically? Can it be used frequently?
  3. Does it show that your company thought about what product best represents you?
  4. Is it aesthetically pleasing to see, hear, smell, feel, or use?
  5. Is it a good value? Specifically, is it worth spending your valuable advertising revenue on?
  6. Is this for employees, customers, or both?

Any product from Facetime Business Resources is guaranteed to fill all those boxes. Practically priced, thoughtfully valuable, quality products that are unique to each company are our specialty.  Now that you know how to determine the best promotional product for your company, check out our list of the best promotional merchandise for new businesses.

3. Cable Organizer

Unit Price: $4.29-$4.39

Perfect for desks, nightstands, cars, or anywhere cables need organizing, the cable organizer allows your brand to get where customers can view it daily. This is the perfect product for a company that wants to make an immediate impact with a unique promotional product choice. Though it errs on the higher side of per-unit price, it’s the ideal kind of business product for anyone trying to get fantastic top-of-mind advertising with a useful product. Upgrade your organizational game here.

2. Security Webcam Cover

Unit Price: $0.69-$1.21

Provide privacy to your employees, customers, or both with this stylish branding choice. This webcam cover sticks to computers, laptops, smart TVs, or monitors with a strong adhesive and is guaranteed to prominently feature in the daily lives of whoever you hand them out to. Want to make sure big tech doesn’t see that face you make when responding to a million emails? Slide shut. Want to Zoom call your boss about the face you make when responding to a million emails? Slide open. Get started fighting big tech here.

1. Custom Vinyl Stickers

Unit Price: $0.99-$1.70

Show off your company pride with custom, full color, cut-to-shape, removable vinyl stickers. Each sticker is cut to the individual contours of your logo design and shipped in individual singles for easy distribution. Don’t waste your time with difficult-to-distribute on-roll paper stickers that fall apart after a day. These stickers are made of vinyl, so they can be used indoors, outdoors, or anywhere in between. They’re water-resistant and removable for up to one year. Order yours here.

Curious about what other products we have for new businesses? Contact Facetime Business Resources today!


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