Voting Materials

Voting season is upon us. If you’re running for office or for another position, you have to get creative in order to stand out and get people interested in what you have to say. There are a many great candidates out there, so the key is getting people to notice you for the right reasons so they can invest in the issues you care about.


Yard signs, t-shirts, buttons, direct mail, and door hangers are a great way to get your message out there in a way that people will notice. During campaign season, you can’t drive anywhere without seeing signs scattered about lawns and storefronts. Make sure you get professionally printed signs, then stake out high traffic areas for placement so people will see your name.


If you want to make an impact that’s more direct, you may consider printing direct mail, pamphlets, and door hangers. Mail out information about your campaign, or go door-to-door to talk to voters. Reserve door hangers for individuals who aren’t home.


One of the best ways you can spread your name is with branded t-shirts. Consider this: you really want to rent a booth at an upcoming community event, but it’s not quite in your budget. Or perhaps you want your presence at an event but you aren’t able to attend. Print campaign-branded t-shirts in bold colors, then hand them out to a bunch of people to wear at the event. Your presence will be made known, as people won’t be able to help but notice the bold shirts with your name splashed on them.


Swag and other campaign materials are a great way to gain exposure and keep your name in the minds of voters. If you need campaign materials, FaceTime Business Resources is your go-to.


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