Is your business preparing for warmer weather and all the fun events that come with it? With summer around the corner, parades are great opportunities to reach potential customers and boost brand awareness.  

One of the most effective ways to do this is by utilizing promotional items, also known as promotional products, in parades. These giveaways serve as a lasting reminder of your business and help create positive associations with your brand.  

Here, we’ll explore the best parade giveaways and budget-friendly options for companies to consider when planning for parades and other warm-weather events. 

Why Promotional Products? 

Promotional products have been around for decades, and there’s a good reason why. They’re practical marketing tools that can increase brand awareness, generate new leads, and boost customer loyalty. 

Long-Lasting Brand Exposure 

Promotional products have a longer lifespan than traditional advertisements. They are a tangible reminder of your business and, when chosen carefully, are often kept for months or years. 

Cost-Effective Marketing 

Promotional products are affordable for businesses to reach a large audience. They can be distributed at events or mailed to customers, making them a versatile marketing tool. 

Increased Brand Loyalty 

Giving away promotional products can create positive associations with your brand and increase customer loyalty. Customers are likely to remember and do business with a company that has given them a valuable and memorable item. 

Ultimately, promotional products can help tell your brand’s story and solidify its consumer awareness. 

Popular Parade Giveaways 

When selecting parade giveaways, choosing items relevant to your business and the event is important. Below are some of the best parade giveaways that can make an impact without breaking the bank. 


Offering snacks such as popcorn, candy, and water bottles is a great way to catch the attention of attendees. It will give them something to snack on during their visit, and it can also be customized with your company’s logo for added exposure and visibility. 


Items like phone chargers, USB flash drives, and headphones are always a hit at parades or shows. These items provide a more modern appeal to attendees while representing the brand and being useful at the same time. 


Apparel like t-shirts, tote bags, sunglasses, and hats make great promotional items that last. They also help parade-goers keep cool while showing their support for your organization. 

At Facetime Business Solutions, we offer a variety of promotional products for any given budget or event. Browse our online store to get started! 

Budget-Friendly Parade Giveaways 

Plenty of cost-effective options exist for parade giveaways for businesses with a limited budget. Here are some budget-friendly choices that aren’t candy to consider: 


Buttons are an affordable giveaway that can be customized with your business logo or event name. They are also a fun way for attendees to show their support for your business or event. 


Stickers are a fun and cost-effective way to promote your business or event. They can be customized with your business logo or event name and are perfect for sticking on water bottles, laptops, or notebooks. 


Keychains, especially functional keychains like bottle openers or whistles, are a practical giveaway that attendees can use every day. They are also a great opportunity for businesses to display their branding and create a lasting impression. 


Pens are a classic giveaway that attendees will appreciate. They are also a cost-effective way for businesses to promote their brand and provide useful items that can be used daily. 


A koozie is a sleeve designed to insulate beverages and is often used as a promotional item. They come in various styles, colors, and sizes, making them easily customized with your company’s logo or message. 

Distinguish Your Brand From the Rest With Facetime Business Solutions 

At Facetime Business Resources, we strive to help you distinguish yourself in the marketplace, whether you are looking for printing needs or customizable products. We specialize in keeping costs low. As a result, you will always be able to find something that meets your needs without breaking the bank.  

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