Football season is upon us again, so now’s the perfect time to grab some new gameday gear for your sports teams. Whether you coach a little league team or participate in an intramural league, custom team apparel and sports trophies can unify your team behind a common banner while upping the stakes and providing a goal to strive toward. A great sports uniform isn’t just logowear or branded apparel; it’s a concept that the entire team—and their fans—can rally behind.  

Benefits of Custom Team Apparel 

Create an Identity  

You might have a team name, but it’s meaningless without a cohesive team identity. Custom team apparel allows you to showcase your team logo, player names, and team colors, all of which foster unity among players and fans alike. It’s no fun to root for a nameless “home team”—give fans a unified team concept to cheer for and make the game more fun for everyone. 

Generate Revenue for Your Team  

Custom team jerseys and apparel also open the door to merchandising opportunities that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Fans and family members can sport your team logo while going about their day-to-day, passively raising awareness for your team while you profit from merch sales. Custom merch can be sold via an online shop or from a classic merch table at the game itself. You may be surprised how many people want to show their support, especially if you pair their purchase with some bonus swag

How to Create Quality Team Apparel  

While designing sports uniforms or custom apparel is a creative—and often fun—process, there are some basics you should focus on to ensure your apparel is the highest quality possible. After all, your apparel should last through the season and well into the next.  


You don’t want to use materials that will fall apart after one wash. Jerseys need to withstand a lot of wear and tear at sporting events, so make sure you choose a durable material like cotton or heavy mesh that can stand the test of time.  


Uniforms should fit well without restricting player movements, as uniforms that are too tight could impair player performance during gameplay. When in doubt, uniforms should be slightly oversized, so players never have to worry about their team spirit getting in the way of their performance.  

Merchandise, on the other hand, should be designed to fit as many people as possible, regardless of age, body type, or gender. The more comfortably your merch fits, the more people are likely to wear it.  


Your logo is a central aspect of your team’s cohesive identity—if your team doesn’t already have one, creating one should come before you start designing any branded apparel. Your logo should be detailed enough to be recognizable but simple enough to be printed in a range of sizes on various apparel types. 

As a rule, logo colors should be complementary. Opposing teams may clash, but your logo shouldn’t. Be sure to choose a base color for your apparel that contrasts with your logo colors. For example, white logos will not show up well on white pants.  

Your logo should stand out but shouldn’t be so complicated that fans can’t draw it from memory.  Consider hiring a graphic designer to help strike this balance and bring your dream logo to life. 

Make Winning Fun  

While the name of the game is having fun, winning feels pretty good too. Creating custom sports trophies gives players something to strive for. Providing your team with a solid goal to work toward boosts friendly competition and can even improve team performance. You can also produce custom awards to give to players at the end of the season as a special bonus, such as an MVP award.  

Customize Your Sports Apparel with FaceTime Business Resources   

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