Even in the digital age of social media advertisements and web promotions, commercial print marketing materials remain a highly effective way to promote your business. Like digital advertising, print materials expose your audience to the fundamentals of your company branding but have the bonus of staying with the customer long after the initial interaction. Their increased staying power allows certain marketing materials, like brochures or business cards, the time they need to be most effective.  

There’s no one “right” way to run a print campaign. The best type of commercial print material for a given campaign varies based on the purpose, audience, and size of the campaign.   

Benefits of Commercial Print Services  

Physical print campaigns aren’t superior or inferior to digital marketing—they simply serve different purposes and audiences. While digital marketing is great at communicating a lot of information and targeting specific audiences, commercial printing services cast a wide net to boost sales and increase brand awareness.  

Communicates Brand Values 

Commercial print advertisements—like business cards and brochures—are an excellent opportunity for companies to do interesting things with their branding. For example, a brochure for an aerospace company can use die-cuts or fold outs to creatively link their branding to the tangible impacts of the aerospace industry.   

Builds Trust 

Distributing print materials throughout the local community shows potential customers that you’re serious about serving them. Almost anyone can establish an online presence, but very few con artists or fraudulent companies would bother with commercial printing. Combining digital campaigns with commercial printing services helps establish your business’ reputation as reliable and authentic.  

Works Well with Digital Campaigns 

Print marketing and digital advertising might seem opposed, but that’s about as far from the truth as you can get. On the contrary, print and digital materials work wonders when paired together. For example, a small business running a special on lawn mowers can run digital ads targeting lawncare enthusiasts. After users click on the ad and fill out a short form, the company can send out physical sales sheets that cover the in-depth benefits of each model. Using features like QR codes, companies can even link their physical marketing materials back to their website to boost reach, traffic, and engagement all at once.  

Common Types of Print Marketing  

Commercial print shops offer a range of services, the most common of which are business cards, flyers, brochures, mailers, and signs.  

Business Cards 

A well-made business card can make a lasting impression on potential customers after a brief encounter. They’re also affordable, and most commercial print shops offer them in a range of colors and materials, including PVC and even wood.  


Flyers are the ideal choice when you need to disseminate information quickly to a large audience. Hanging flyers in strategic locations—like parks or community centers—is an excellent way to inform customers about upcoming promotions, events, and company alerts.  


Brochures display complex and technical information about products that doesn’t always fit nicely on a company’s website. They can be kept on-site as part of a salesperson’s toolbox, or they can be mailed out to potential customers upon request. When you partner with a trusted commercial print shop, like FaceTime Business Resources, you can design a brochure that uses negative space, die-cuts, fold outs, and takeaway leaflets to leave a lasting impression on buyers.  


While flyers are well suited to reaching a large general audience, mailers are sent only to those who appear on an existing mailing list. This allows marketers to target specific locations and demographics based on their campaign’s purpose.  


Signs are an excellent way to boost foot traffic and brand recognition, especially in the geographic area surrounding your physical location.  

FaceTime Business Resources is Your All-in-One Commercial Print Shop 

With commercial print services, you can hand the printing over to professionals, reducing stress and ensuring consistency across marketing materials. FaceTime Business Resources has years of experience as a one-stop commercial print shop and offers a wide range of commercial print services to fit your needs—from limited-run business cards to industrial signage.  

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