Nothing makes a new employee feel like part of the team like an official company welcome package. A well-made package stuffed to the brim with useful promotional products can foster a sense of belonging and solidarity in the workplace, increasing productivity and reducing employee turnover.  

There’s no one right way to make a company welcome package, but some tried-and-true inclusions are company apparel, branded pens, and branded swag. Include items the new employee will use regularly in their new position—that way you can show your appreciation and help them do their work at the same time! 


Essential Items for Every Welcome Kit 

Each welcome kit should be tailored to the new employee’s position. A writer might get the most use out of a custom-branded notebook, while a graphic designer might prefer a luxuriousand ergonomic mousepad. However, there are some items that have universal appeal in the office, including writing tools, organizational aids, and more.  

Quality Writing Tools and Note-Taking Necessities 

It’s always a sure bet to include quality writing tools in any welcome kit. Custom notebooks or personalized notepads can help foster productivity among writers, creatives, and designers, but every employee will likely need to take notes at some point during their career. 

Organizational Aids 

Settling into a new position can be hard, and new employees might get overwhelmed by their responsibilities. Include organizational aids like sticky notes and desk organizers in your welcome packages to help equip your new hires to do their jobs efficiently. 

Office Décor 

Office accessories and décor allow new hires to personalize their workspace, which helps boost employee satisfaction and retention. Providing décor like branded mugs and magnets can also help employees feel like part of a larger company culture and more easily warm up to their new coworkers.  

Tech Essentials 

Providing practical tech essentials, like branded flash drives and wireless charging pads, ensures each employee has access to the tools they need do their best work. By offering these materials upfront, you show employees that you’re prepared to facilitate their work and help them thrive.  

Going Beyond the Physical Items 

Companies that go above and beyond by providing personal touches to each welcome package help their employees feel valued. Your kit should always include a welcome letter from the CEO or team leaders to communicate important aspects of the company, including hours, break information, dress code, and more. To this end, welcome kits should include a copy of the employee handbook so new hires can easily access important policies and procedures from day one.  

Don’t forget about team photos or introduction videos, as well! Incorporating these into the welcome kit can aid new employees in familiarizing themselves with their future colleagues before their first day.  

Use High-Quality Items 

New employees will use the items in your welcome kits daily, so stock them with the highest-quality items available. Stocking your kits with low-quality items not only damages new hires’ first impressions of their workplace, but it also necessitates frequent replacement of things like computer chargers and mosepads, costing you money.  

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