While it may not always be easy to drum up team spirit, it is an important part of any company’s culture. Team spirit helps promote enthusiasm among employees, which encourages team cohesion and sets the tone for how your business interacts with new customers or clients. If team spirit is lacking in your workplace, there are several ways to ignite that spark.  

What is Team Spirit? 

Team spirit is best described as a feeling more than anything. It’s the camaraderie, cohesion, and respect across a company that ultimately drives success. When employees have a developed sense of team spirit, they feel like they truly belong at the company and see themselves and their coworkers as part of a larger team, all working toward the same goal. Team spirit is a critical part of every organization, both large and small, and must be cultivated for that company to thrive.  


Ways to Build Team Spirit  

Creating Culture Through Communication  

Team spirit is an experience shared between employees at all levels of a company. If your team tends to keep to themselves, their sense of team spirit may not be as strong as it could be. Asking for feedback from employees, honoring milestones, and setting company tone from the top down can all help communication among employees, which allows for more collaboration and a stronger sense of team spirit. And hey, you never know when great ideas could come from employees simply talking to one another. 

Boost Morale  

Maybe the team just lost a major client or the workdays have been stressful. While meeting goals is important, it’s also important to honor the hard work your team puts in each day. Boost morale by giving out awards or fun spirit swag. Let your team know you appreciate them, and give them time to regroup. Doing so will raise their spirits and drive long-term success.  

Organize Events  

Organizing team events can improve team spirit immensely. Giving the team something to look forward to while also giving them time to bond can create stronger workplace relationships. Look for group events like a local baseball game or ax throwing. Dedicating time to relax and spend time together outside of the traditional work setting can have benefits for the whole team.   

Resolve Conflicts Quickly  

There are bound to be conflicts in the workplace during high-stress situations. Employers that resolve conflict quickly and peacefully are often respected by their colleagues. Train staff on ways to diffuse situations and offer guidance whenever possible. This keeps everyone happy and allows for a less chaotic work environment.   

Offer Mental Health Resources  

This could come in a variety of different forms, including a monthly mental health stipend or a company-provided therapist. Ensuring your team has positive stress outlets can promote a healthier and happier workplace. This makes team members more likely to communicate positively and enjoy coming to work.   

Create a Unified Brand Image  

Having a clear brand image makes it easy for team members to represent the company outside of work. Ensure you have a brand logo, colors, and fonts that are uniform across all your promotional merchandise, which you can give these to team members who meet milestones as an incentive to keep working hard.  

Having a unified image also helps customers recognize your brand quickly. They will associate certain styles with your company, which can promote sales in the future.  

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