Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to promote your brand to both the public as well as respected professional in your industry. While businesses can take advantage of a trade show simply by engaging with attendees, companies can maximize their return by distributing trade show materials like branded swag and business promotional products. Trade show materials not only provide visitors with useful custom swag they can take home, but it also bolsters your reputation with the local community and increases your brand’s exposure to the public.  

The Benefits of Giveaways  

Offering free items at your trade booth can have a positive impact on the public’s perception of your brand, potentially boosting sales and growing your business. In the context of trade shows, giveaways help generate foot traffic to your booth, keep your brand in the minds of attendees, and generate leads or even sales.  

Increase Traffic 

People like free stuff. Offering free giveaways at your booth increases foot traffic as show attendees visit your booth to snag their swag. Once visitors are at your booth, it becomes far more likely they’ll interact directly with your staff and brand.  

Make Your Brand Memorable 

There are many companies competing for your audience’s attention. Giving away free corporate merchandise at your booth ensures attendees leave with a physical reminder of your company. After the show, visitors reminded of your brand every time they use your promotional product.  

Generate Leads 

Promotional giveaways can be structured in such a way to passively generate leads. For example, booth staff can offer promotional products in exchange for customer contact information. These interactions can convert casual passersby into long-term customers.  


How to Use Giveaways and Swag Effectively  

Your branded swag only offers benefits if it’s designed and utilized effectively. To maximize your return on investment, consider your budget, audience, impact potential, and distribution methos before ordering your items.  


Some promotional items are more expensive to produce than others. Ideally, the promotional products you distribute should be relevant to your brand and affordable enough to give away to every potential customer that visits your booth.  


Your products should not just relate to your brand, it should also be sueful to yoru audience. For example, attendees at a college trade show would appreciate water bottles or tote bags, while attendees at a corporate event may prefer mugs or business card holders.   

Impact Potential 

If your company has attended trade shows before, calculate your return on investment before choosing which products to give away at the next show. The data never lies and consulting it can help you determine which products resonate most with your audience.  

Distribution Method 

Sometimes the best way to generate leads and increase exposure is to physically hand out promotional products to every person that visits your booth. In other cases, it may be best to hand out QR codes linked to special offers or coupons for use at your locations. The best items to offer depend on your budget and audience, so consider carefully.  

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