Savvy entrepreneurs are always looking for brand building tips to help them stand out from the competition, but it’s not always clear how to effectively use your budget. Promotional items, especially branded winter apparel, are a great way to keep your brand visible while making the most of your advertising budget.  

Winterwear is highly customizable, so consider your audience, brand, and geographic location when deciding what type of winter apparel to order. 

Why Create Winter Apparel and Products? 

As anyone from Minnesota can tell you, winters can be cruel. Those baseball caps and t-shirts you designed a couple of months ago won’t provide much warmth during the colder months, and odds are they’ll be stashed away until spring. By designing and producing branded outerwear, apparel, and accessories specifically for winter, you can keep employees and consumers warm during the cold months—all while keeping your brand top-of-mind all year round.  

How to Design Branded Apparel and Promotional Items for the Winter 

There’re all different kinds of winterwear on the market, including jackets, sweatshirts, pullovers, zip-up hoodies—you name it. When you partner with a trusted company like FaceTime Business Resources, we’ll help you design apparel that fits your audience and brand.  

Design for the Weather 

One of the most important considerations for winter apparel is the weather. Minnesota is extremely cold during the winter months, so apparel distributed here must stand up to sub-zero temperatures. The more often your apparel is worn, the more frequently your brand is exposed to potential customers, so consider pairing jackets and sweaters with hats, scarves, and gloves to further boost brand awareness.  

Stay on Brand 

The ultimate goal of promotional products is to advertise your brand in an organic, functional way, so any apparel you order should be in line with your branding.  

When designing your products, always include your company’s name and logo in a prominent spot. Stick to your organization’s main colors and use accent colors sparingly to highlight details, such as zippers and pockets. 

Identify Your Audience 

Understanding your audience can help you choose the best products to order. Hoodies and beanies might be good options for warehouse workers, but construction workers need heftier jackets for outdoor work.   

Design for Quality over Quantity 

When your apparel is made with high quality materials, your target audience is more likely to use it. If you choose cheap quality materials, your products will likely end up in the back of a closet or worse, the trash. Plus, providing your customers with high quality, reliable apparel helps establish your company as trustworthy and boost your reputation, both among customers and the community at large.  

Find the Right Printing Service for Your Promotional Products 

The internet is full of brand promotion tips to help market your business, but custom apparel branding and promotional items are tried-and-true methods of organically marketing your business, gaining visibility, and saving money.  

Let FaceTime Business Resources be your singular source for custom apparel and promotional items this year. We can help you design and create a range of products to build your brand and market your business.  

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