Corporate gifts are a great way to recognize your team’s hard work and promote a sense of cohesion among team members during the holiday season. Recently, studies have found that 89% of companies believe company gifts bring team members closer together. However, gifting employees lackluster, impersonal, or impractical items may make them feel undervalued, rather than appreciated. Providing high-quality, useful items designed to help employees with their day-to-day not only boosts team morale but also improves productivity. The best promotional gifts for your team depends on a number of factors, including your industry and each employee’s personal interests.  

Branded Desk Planters 

Small desk plants in branded planters are a great way to liven an office space and boost mood during work. They’re also a simple and cost-effective promotional gift for the holiday season.  

For employees with a green thumb, Facetime Business Resources offers a range of easy-to-maintain planters, including whimsical branded planters, comprehensive grow kits, and air plants.  

Charging Accessories 

From cellphones and smartwatches to tablets and computers, your employees interact with a variety of devices throughout the day. Charging accessories are a great way to ensure employees always have access to the technology they need to do their jobs.  

If desk space is limited, Facetime offers custom-branded charging banks for on-the-go connectivity or sleek charging stations to eliminate the need for multiple cords.   

High-Quality Tumblers 

Tumblers are convienently resealable, and their unique vacuum-gap design allows them to keep drinks hot or cold for longer. Because they are so durable, they are ideal for employees working on-the-go.  

Facetime offers a range of customizable tumblers from brands such as YETI, Stanley, and HydroFlask. Almost every aspect of our drinkware can be customized, including color, shape, size, and material. Stainless steel products can even have an employee’s name custom engraved for a more personal touch.  

Noise-Canceling Headphones 

Since the pandemic, more and more people are working from home. Unfortunately, not everyone has a home office or dedicated workspace in their house. A pair of noise-canceling headphones promotes productivity and focus by eliminating distracting background noise.  

Facetime offers a range of earphones to fit any budget, including over-the-ear wireless headphones, in-ear wireless earbuds, and wired, gel-tipped earbuds. Our headphones offer an array of optional features, including built-in microphones, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. The best headphones for your employees depends on your price point and the features you need.  

A Care Package of Personalized Gifts 

For large and diverse teams, there may not be a single promotional gift that suits everyone. In cases like this, a gift basket comprised of several different business promotional products is the safest bet. While almost anything can be included in an employee gift box, consider what your employees would find most useful in their daily life. Some simple items include: 

  • Gift cards to a local restaurant or cafe  
  • Food items, such as chocolates or snacks  
  • Company swag, such as blankets, hats, or outerwear  
  • Branded stationery, planners, or sticky notes 

Add personalized aspects, such as custom engravings, to the gifts in your care packages. Facetime offers thousands of customizable promotional products—from branded cups to custom embroidered sweatshirts and hoodies.  

Grab These Promotional Gifts for Your Team This Holiday Season 

Corporate gifts are a great way to boost company morale and show your team how much you value them. However, boring or useless gifts can leave employees feeling underappreciated.  

FaceTime Business Resources is your one-stop shop for business promotional products. Contact us today to save time and money on personalized gifts, commercial printing, logowear, signage, and more.