Building brand awareness is critical for marketing your business. However, getting your name and logo in front of your target audience can be tricky. Business promotional products, such as a team uniform or custom branded swag, can help increase your brand’s visibility organically—without worrying about advertising strategies or placement.   

How Apparel Branding Can Boost Your Brand  

A successful marketing campaign revolves around increasing your reach as much as possible, but tradition means of doing so, including commercials and billboards, are often expensive. Branded apparel helps increase visibility naturally, avoiding pricey promotional services—plus they look good doing it.  

Personalized branded apparel can also help strengthen ties with the surrounding community and create a cohesive team identity—all while boosting company sales.  

Create Cohesive Team Uniforms 

Custom team uniforms are among the best ways boost visibility inside and outside of the workplace. Not only do branded uniforms help foster a cohesive team identity, but they also help establish a reputation for professionalism and reliability among the public at large. 

Name tags, a standard part of most public-facing team uniforms, can be customized to include not only the team member’s name and company logo, but also their position—ensuring customers know exactly who can help them. Branded employee uniforms can be designed to fit any season or climate. For example, employees can be issued t-shirts and ball caps for summer months and quarter-zip fleeces and beanies for the colder months.  

Strengthen Community Outreach 

Custom apparel is also a great way to build support with the community at large. For example, giving away custom cups or mousepads at local trade shows or conventions can help keep your business top-of-mind for those most likely to become customers.  

Getting involved in local activities and events is another great way to increase visibility and give back to the community. However, donating your time isn’t always feasible when you’re running a business. If you cannot appear at an event in person, you can always donate promotional products and gift cards to be used as prizes for fundraisers or raffles.  

Your business could also organize social media contests with branded apparel as the prize. A high-quality hat or piece of clothing can drive engagement to your page while establishing your brand among your local community. You can also use your apparel as part of a gift-with-purchase promotion for your customers. They will appreciate the little bonus, and it’s a great way to get your brand in the hands of the public.  

Enhance Brand Recognition 

Branded apparel naturally increases brand recognition. Company shirts are essentially walking billboards for your brand. The more people see them, the more they will recognize your business, making them more likely to seek you out when making. Purchasing decision.  

To maximize the impact of apparel on brand recognition, create an authentic and attractive design that people will notice and remember. A general rule of thumb is that a good logo is detailed enough to stand out but simple enough to draw from memory.  

Get Professional Business Promotional Products from FaceTime Business Resources 

Branded corporate apparel is a cost-effective way to advertise your business. FaceTime Business Resources offers nearly limitless options for promotional material, including signage, custom logowear, and promotional printing services.  

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