Developing a Promotional Product Marketing Strategy

Concept imagine of developing a promotional product marketing strategy.

It’s simply not enough to have great promotional products. You also need a killer strategy for distributing them, one that serves your company’s goals and accurately caters to your target audience. In this article, we’ll cover the most important factors you and your team will need to consider while developing your promotional product marketing strategy. Identify Your Target Market There’s … Read More

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Strategy

A glass drawing board analyzing KPIs.

Once your marketing strategy has been established, you’ll need to come up with a way to measure its effectiveness. It’s not enough to simply put your strategy into action; you need a way to assess its success, so you can tweak the next campaign to better suit your needs. As with developing a marketing strategy, you need to have specific … Read More

Promotional Products for Back-to-School College Events

With in-person events back on the menu, this summer is the perfect time to promote your brand with customizable back-to-school products. No one is immune to the irresistible draw of free stuff—least of all college students. Get your name and logo out there by hitting up college fairs and other community events this summer. Phone Card Sleeves Ah, college—that strange … Read More

Promotional Products for Your Fitness Company

Woman stretching on a yoga mat.

With summer on the way, the warmer weather is encouraging more people to shake themselves out of that winter slump and make fitness a priority. As gym restrictions continue to lift, now is the perfect time to invest in some promotional products to get your health and fitness company some visibility. A branded water bottle is a given, but if … Read More

Promotional Products for Your New Employee

You did it—you finally found the perfect person to fill that open position on your team. The next step? Assembling the perfect employee onboarding package to welcome them to the office. No, we’re not just talking about the employee handbook or the tax documents—of course, that stuff is important, too, but for an onboarding kit that really wows, consider including … Read More

Marketing to Generation Z

Last up in our series on generational advertising, we’ll be tackling marketing to the youngest generation, a group whose identify is still forming: Generation Z. While you may think of them as young —and many of them are—the fact of the matter is that many Gen Zers are in college or even entering the workforce. What’s more, combined with their … Read More

Promotional Products for Your Workplace’s Spring Cleaning

Spring is on the way! While it might take some time for all the snow to melt, that doesn’t mean you have to wait for those fresh spring vibes—and what better way to shake off the winter blues than with a little spring cleaning? Whether you’re working from home or back in the office, spring cleaning has been shown to … Read More

Marketing to Baby Boomers

So, we’ve covered how to appeal to Millennials and Generation X—who’s next? Why, it’s the Baby Boomers, of course! Named for being born during the post-World War II Baby Boom, Boomers hold significant purchasing power, and they’re much more involved and active than their parents were at their age. It’s important not to underestimate this generation’s effect on the market … Read More

Marketing to Generation X

Continuing our series on generational marketing, today we’ll address the forgotten middle sibling of the generations: Generation X. Gen X tends to be overlooked when it comes to the world of marketing, skipped over for the older Baby Boomers and the younger Millennials, but they shouldn’t be so easily neglected. Generation X, while one of the smaller generational groups, holds … Read More