Is SWAG Still Effective?

Marketing tactics change and develop every year. For small businesses trying to get the attention they deserve, it can be difficult to keep up as the world of advertising becomes more complicated. So much of marketing happens online, which has caused many companies to wonder if so-called “physical” advertising efforts, like promotional swag, are still effective. The short answer is … Read More

How to Engage Your Audience With Print

Confident young specialists standing at table full of various types of paper and discussing color palette while going to print banner in advertising company office

Engaging your audience is a simple idea on paper, but it can be difficult to put strategy behind such a vague concept. When planning and designing your next set of promotional products, keep audience engagement top of mind to ensure the effectiveness of the campaign.   Why Does Audience Engagement Matter? The purpose of audience engagement is straightforward: to create … Read More

Promotional Food Products for Corporate Gifting

Looking for a gift to thank a big customer for their continued support? Celebrating a big corporate event? Planning ahead for this year’s company holiday gift? Whatever the occasion, promotional food products are the answer.   The Benefits of Promotional Food Products   Something Everyone Can Enjoy Nation’s Business Magazine reported food gifts as the best business gift for the … Read More

Best Electronic Promotional Products

When it comes to promoting your business, choosing useful promotional products is key. With the rapid growth of the internet just in the last 10 years, it’s obvious phones, computers, and other smart devices will continue to play an integral part in our daily lives—so, why not tailor your promotional product marketing strategy to that? Electronic or tech promotional products … Read More

The Best Promotional Products for New Businesses

Two women sitting on the couch with laptops, working in front of whiteboard.

Bolstering your company’s reach gets harder every day. Tightened algorithms on search engines and social media platforms require businesses to pay for their visibility, making creativity essential when determining where to spend advertising dollars. For new businesses, this requires marketing campaigns that snowball—campaigns that create more value than what was originally invested. It’s a good thing nothing starts a conversation … Read More

Unconventional Promotional Products to Make Your Business Stand Out

Man at office working at desk.

Marketing your business can feel intimidating. How can a smaller business be expected to compete against the deep pockets of corporate America? Business promotional items are one of the best ways for businesses to compete with larger competitors. A company with a unique, carefully curated personality will always beat the drab, mass-produced nature of a big corporation. What better way … Read More

Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Two girls on running track, passing off relay baton.

The financial burdens facing modern school sport teams are no secret. The price to play seems to be creeping steadily higher year after year. To combat the price creep, sports and schools often institute booster clubs or fundraising programs to help with funding challenges. However, what do you do when the booster club funds fail to be enough? Is it … Read More

The Best Products for Spring-Themed Promotions: Umbrellas, Sunglasses, and More!

Woman standing in front of bushes wearing sundress, umbrella, sunglasses.

Ah, spring! The warming weather brings with it a variety of opportunities to advertise your brand on seasonal promotional products. Whatever the purpose of your next marketing campaign, businesses should be aware of two things when choosing springtime promotional products: their initial cost and their retention. Cost Retention Theory The retention of a promotional product concerns how long that item … Read More

Choosing Promotional Products People Will Actually Keep

Couple walking beneath an umbrella in the rain.

Promotional products can help you increase your brand recognition and reach potential customers, but the line between ineffective and effective promotional products can get muddled. Pens, notepads, stress balls—with so many options, choosing the right promotional item for your company can be difficult. How do you choose an item your customers will actually keep? How do you ensure your promotional … Read More

Promotional Products for St. Patrick’s Day

Person holding St. Patrick’s Day themed mug.

Sure, St. Patrick’s Day is all about celebrating Irish culture—that, and it’s a convenient excuse to celebrate in excess. As a holiday with a significant level of consumer spending, the holiday is a great opportunity to promote your business with some St. Patrick’s Day themed promotion products. Green is the most identifiable part of St. Patrick’s Day, so a simple … Read More