Building Customer Loyalty with Promotional Products

When selling to a new customer, you have a success rate of 5-20%–but with an already-existing customer? That chance of success skyrockets to 60-70%. With stats like that, there’s no denying the importance of customer loyalty. But how do you inspire that kind of allegiance? How do you make sure your company is the first in their mind when they … Read More

Promotional Products for Halloween

The scariest time of the year has arrived and with it, the opportunity to invest in some spooky swag. Whether you’re planning a company party, taking the kids out trick-or-treating, or keeping the candy bowl all to yourself, we’ve got the perfect products to promote your brand this Halloween.   Pumpkin Scooper   Carving pumpkins this year? Check out our … Read More

Promo Products for the Telehealth Market

We’ve seen plenty of changes due to COVID-19 landing in the United States early this year. One of the industries that has risen due to the pandemic is telehealth. The healthcare service had been gaining popularity over the past year, but the pandemic took it over the edge. Many facilities had to close to in-person visits, so their only choice … Read More

The Importance of Employee Appreciation

Employee appreciation is essential to any business. Employees want to feel appreciated for the hard work that they put in day after day. Feeling appreciated not only feels good, it motivates individuals to keep working hard and achieving goals. Far too often, managers are focused on the long game. They think about reaching goals but not how employees can be … Read More

Benefits of Branded Team Apparel

If you don’t have branded team apparel for all your team members, what are you waiting for? Not only does branded apparel have appeal for staff members, putting your brand’s name on a t-shirt, jacket, hat, or something similar brings brand awareness.   Professional Culture First and foremost, branded team apparel can be part of your team’s uniform. It helps … Read More

August 2020 Facetime Blog

Do you have a lot on your mind right now? It can be a huge struggle to maintain focus at work due to what’s going on in the world. Or perhaps you are easily distracted in general and welcome any tips and tricks to help you stay focused. These tools will keep you focused!   Plan out your day right … Read More

Automotive Products

Whether you work at a car dealership or an automotive shop, automotive-themed promotional products are a great way to drive potential customers to your business for car repairs or a new car purchase.     Vinyl Stickers These “I’d rather be changing tires” removable vinyl stickers make for a great gift for any mechanic!   License Plate Frame A license … Read More

Promo Products as Part of Your Marketing Plan

If promotional products aren’t part of your marketing strategy, it’s time to take a step back and rethink things. Whether you’re a large business or a small business, having a solid marketing plan that includes a specific way to target your audience and bring in new customers is necessary. With promotional products, you’ll not only be able to draw interest … Read More

Perfect Products for your Restaurant Reopening

Now that restaurants are reopening after the first wave of COVID-19 hit the United States, it’s time to bring those customers back in! Some individuals may still be a bit nervous about re-entering the dining scene and may need a little encouragement. These tips should help do the trick and bring them back through your doors.   Safety Products First … Read More

Promotional Products for Green Thumbs

Do you have a green thumb? Do your customers? These products are great for gardeners alike! Whether you want gardening gloves or planters, we’ve got great products on hand for all your gardening needs.   Gardening Gloves When you’re out in the garden, it’s important to protect your hands from pests, fungi, and pesticides. We have tons of options to … Read More