How to Create The Perfect T-Shirts for Team Building Events

Picture of a closet full of shirts with text ‘how to create a custom shirt for team building events’

Customized business shirts can be a great way to commemorate an employee, celebrate an achievement, or remember a team-building event. Creating a custom t-shirt, however, is easier said than done. When you do it right, your team can remember the lessons they learned each time they see it in their closet or throw it on. Consider The Three Cs You … Read More

Planning for Parades with Inexpensive Giveaways

Graphic with t-shirt and Facetime Business resources logo, text overlay, “Popular parade giveaways”

Is your business preparing for warmer weather and all the fun events that come with it? With summer around the corner, parades are great opportunities to reach potential customers and boost brand awareness. One of the most effective ways to do this is by utilizing promotional items, also known as promotional products, in parades. These giveaways serve as a lasting … Read More

How Yard Signs Offer Powerful Marketing for Your Business

picture of a yard sign

There are a lot of ways to market a business, but there are certain situations that call for specific strategies. Yard signs, for instance, are one of the most unique and specialized methods. These signs are typically placed in high-traffic areas, where they’ll spread brand awareness to a lot of viewers. While they aren’t as involved or interactive as a … Read More

Refreshing Your Business Card Design

Close-up on business people exchanging a business card with the FaceTime Business Resources logo

The new year is in full swing. You likely have many resolutions for your business; however, the beginning of the year is also the perfect time to redesign and print new business cards. A refresh of your card can help you stand out and create new connections. In this blog, we will discuss the most important things to include, common … Read More

Designing Awards for Your Employees

Someone holding an award with text overlay “Designing awards for Employees”

It’s a simple fact: employee recognition matters in the workplace, especially for small businesses. When employees are recognized for an achievement, for going the extra mile, or for simply sticking around through thick and thin, they reach new levels of inspiration and motivation. Being recognized like this, employees are nearly three times more likely to stay engaged at work, leading … Read More

Branding Your Business with Printwork

Image of printing flyers with text “Branding with Printwork”

As the digital world continues to take over, it’s easy to think that print marketing and advertising are becoming obsolete in the 21st century. However, if you want to market your business effectively and build your brand on a more personalized, face-to-face basis, investing in printed materials is still necessary. In this blog, we’ll cover how branding your business with … Read More

Preparing for the Holiday Season with Printing and Branded Gifts

A woman holding a Christmas gift with a ribbon on a wooden table

The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s never too early to start thinking about this year’s holiday gifts. For your clients, your holiday gift is a chance to thank them for their business, as well as to set yourself apart from the competition. For your employees, your company gift shows appreciation. Whether you’re searching for the right gift … Read More

How Print Promotional Bags Can Enhance Your Business

A young Asian woman holding and carrying a white fabric tote bag

Promotional products are great for increasing brand recognition. However, in the age of decreasing margins, ensuring your promotional products offer a good return on investment is critical. Businesses love to focus on outerwear, where your logo is displayed more prominently. However, larger pieces of outerwear may introduce budget limitations. If you want to maximize your budget and commit to outerwear, … Read More

Choosing Custom Apparel that Stands Out from the Crowd

Styrofoam human head wearing a black and white beanie hat with text that’s says Go Trekking and a pompom on top

In the world of promotional apparel, it can be difficult to make yours worth wearing, but following these tips and handy pieces of advice can make a big difference in your promotional clothing. Think Outside the T-Shirt For many of us, promo apparel consists of t-shirts, most of which litter the bottom of our closets or have already been donated … Read More

Creating Effective and Impactful Event Displays

Blurred crowd of people in modern interior during event

When a business attends a big event like a conference or a trade show, creating a display with an impactful wow factor can be difficult. Luckily, there is a relatively simple solution to maximize the impact of your event display and churn up the lead generation and brand spotlight. The Secret to Event Displays The secret sauce of event display … Read More