Refreshing Your Business Card Design

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The new year is in full swing. You likely have many resolutions for your business; however, the beginning of the year is also the perfect time to redesign and print new business cards.

A refresh of your card can help you stand out and create new connections. In this blog, we will discuss the most important things to include, common mistakes, and design rules for business cards.

Designing a Business Card

The most important step when designing a business card is identifying and narrowing down the information you are going to include. Some information, like your email or phone number, is vital to help contacts and acquaintances get in touch with you, while other info can clutter up the small space on a card.

Here are some examples of important information to include on your card:


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Your Company Logo

Adding a logo to your business card is a great way to stand out and show off your brand’s personality. Often, your logo is on the front of the card with little or nothing else. Be sure to include a high-quality image of your logo to avoid blurry printing.

Your Name and Title

Of course, you need your first and last name on your business card. Adding your job title will also help potential customers or colleagues when you are looking to build relationships. A headshot is optional, but if you have the room on your card, it’s a unique way to stay memorable.

Your Business Address

A business’s website and physical address is essential for any business card. Your online address will help potential customers do research and learn more about your company.

Physical addresses help your clients if they need to send you mail or visit your location. They also come in handy when your office has multiple locations, and your connections need to know which location to find you.

Contact Information

Perhaps the most important factor of a business card is your contact information. You can do this in a couple of different ways. Choose to add your email, office phone number, or personal phone number. For good measure, you can even add all the above. If you do choose to include a lot of info on your business card, make sure all information is in a font size and color that is easy to read.


If you have a tagline or slogan for your business, don’t be afraid to add it to your business card as well. The best place for the slogan is right underneath your business name or your logo. If you don’t have a slogan or a tagline, you might choose to write a summary of what your company offers or a quick list of your services.

Social Media Handles

Near your contact information, make sure add in your social media handles to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, or any others you use. This helps potential customers find you more easily and attracts more followers to your channels.

Important Design Rules for Business Cards

There are a few simple rules to follow when creating a new business card or refreshing an old one. For example:

  • Don’t add too many words to your business card, making it harder to read
  • Make sure there is a substantial amount of white space
  • Leave a margin – don’t put information near the edges of the card
  • Your background should contrast your font color so it’s clear for readers
  • Use bigger fonts for words that you want potential customers to remember
  • Proofread your card before printing

Aside from your logo, it’s important to choose a font and type size that compliments your business. This depends on the type of business you own, as a typeface can portray personality on its own.

For example, if you own a toyshop, consider making your card colorful with a fun or whimsical font. If your work for a news station, on the other hand, you might keep it simple, classic, and easy to read.

Business Card Printing Services

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