Designing Awards for Your Employees

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It’s a simple fact: employee recognition matters in the workplace, especially for small businesses. When employees are recognized for an achievement, for going the extra mile, or for simply sticking around through thick and thin, they reach new levels of inspiration and motivation.

Being recognized like this, employees are nearly three times more likely to stay engaged at work, leading to more productive hours and added value behind your payroll dollars.

The Benefits of Employee Awards


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Employee Awards Are Tangible

It’s one thing to approach a well-performing employee with a smile, a slap on the back, and a “nice job!” It’s another thing entirely to present them with a tangible award in exchange for their extra effort.

Recognition beyond verbal appreciation goes further than you think. Tangible rewards can boost company loyalty, raise motivation, and improve employee retention.

Tangible Prizes Create a Sense of Belonging

Community is one of the most important components of any business. If your employees are isolated and siloed, the balance of power and effectiveness flow awkwardly. Rumors spread, favoritism is bred, and those in charge are often blamed, destroying company synergy.

When your people are rewarded both individually and as a community, trustworthiness and reliability come about as a result. When an employee has tangible proof of their appreciation, a newfound sense of duty is often felt. What’s more, business productivity tends to increase by nearly 31%.

Belonging Leads to Leadership

When employee resolve is deep and driven, when they know they’re working toward their purpose (and are recognized for it), that’s when people start going the extra mile. Once they know the opportunity to be recognized for great work is on the table, a sense of self-competition and a drive to top their previous accomplishments complement that renewed motivation.

The employees who understand this raise the bar, lead by example, and go the extra mile. They serve as a beacon of possibility for the rest of their team; as a result, they cultivate this sense of belonging, a sense of community, and a sense of purpose, restarting the cycle.

The well-being of your people should be your top priority as a business leader, and that includes company awards and recognition.

Ideas for Employee Awards

Raises and holiday bonuses are tangible employee awards, but for some businesses, especially small businesses, large monetary awards may not be feasible. However, personalized gifts can go a long way. When you partner with a custom printing company like Facetime Business Resources, you can find affordable, customizable awards for your entire team.

Thermoses: For the Coffee Drinkers in Your Office

This high-quality, 16 oz. thermos comes with a sleek carry bag, both of which can be customized with your company’s name and logo. Help your coffee drinkers keep their cup of joe hot through out-of-office meetings, sales calls, and more.

Recognition Plaques: For Your Top Performers

This customizable, floating glass plaque is perfect for recognizing specific achievements, like an employee of the month award or outstanding years of service.

Blankets: For Your Chilliest Employees

If your workplace runs cold, or if you simply want to give your employees a warm gift of appreciation this winter, a luxurious blanket is the perfect choice. Choose from several sizes and colors and finish it off with your logo.

Desk Caddies: For Your Most Organized Workers

Help your employees keep their desks organized with these customizable, multifunction desk caddies. Choose from several colors of high-quality faux leather and personalize it with your logo or a message of appreciation.

Design the Perfect Employee Award with FaceTime Business Resources

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