How Print Promotional Bags Can Enhance Your Business

A young Asian woman holding and carrying a white fabric tote bag

Promotional products are great for increasing brand recognition. However, in the age of decreasing margins, ensuring your promotional products offer a good return on investment is critical.

Businesses love to focus on outerwear, where your logo is displayed more prominently. However, larger pieces of outerwear may introduce budget limitations. If you want to maximize your budget and commit to outerwear, you should consider investing in promotional bags.

The Benefits of Custom Promotional Bags

In addition to the general benefits of promotional products, custom promo bags offer several other unique benefits:

  • Prominent Brand Display – Since bags are outerwear, your company’s logo is always bold and visible when the product is in use.
  • Inexpensive – Unlike other outerwear items, bags are affordable, so their return on investment is often higher than items at higher price points.
  • Usefulness – Bags are inherently helpful. Whether you choose a gym bag to carry extra clothing or a tote bag for your groceries, custom bags offer exceptional versatility.
  • Combination Gifts – Bags are an excellent way to bundle gifts with other items to create a larger package.

The Best Options for Custom Promo Bags

As you plan your promotional product strategy, consider which type of promotional bag you’re going to buy. Base your choice on your target audience; for instance, a health-conscious company might choose a gym duffel, while a bookstore might choose a sturdy tote to hold heavy tomes.

  • Tote Bags – These simple bags are elegant and inexpensive—great for grabbing groceries or a quick day trip.
  • Drawstring Backpacks – These bags are often used for workout gear, but their usefulness extends far beyond that. Use them to store your emergency car kit, for children’s sleepover supplies, or as a shoe bag.
  • Rucksacks – These bags offer versatile storage options and can quickly become your customers’ favorite bags. Their rugged versatility makes them perfect for adventurous brands.
  • Lunch Bags/CoolersInsulated lunch boxes are another way to propel your product into everyday use. Lunch bags get used by your customers nearly every day, giving your brand plenty of time in the spotlight.

From duffels to drawstrings, Facetime Business Resources offers a wide variety of custom-print promotional bags. Our offerings don’t stop there—we can also handle the custom signage and print work you need to promote your brand. Contact us today to learn more, or find the perfect product on our online store.

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