Choosing Custom Apparel that Stands Out from the Crowd

Styrofoam human head wearing a black and white beanie hat with text that’s says Go Trekking and a pompom on top

In the world of promotional apparel, it can be difficult to make yours worth wearing, but following these tips and handy pieces of advice can make a big difference in your promotional clothing.

Think Outside the T-Shirt

For many of us, promo apparel consists of t-shirts, most of which litter the bottom of our closets or have already been donated to the local Goodwill. As fall approaches, utilizing outerwear such as jackets, sweatshirts, and zip-ups can be a great way to keep your brand highlighted throughout the changing seasons. Beanies, scarves, gaiters, or gloves are also crowd-pleasers in the cooler months.

Quality is King

It is no secret that a better product is preferred to an inferior one. This holds true for promotional advertising as well. Ensure your customers get more use out of your promotional advertising by skipping cheap materials that are sure to wear out. In some instances, this depends on the quality of materials used. Other times, the company you choose to search from contributes to the overall quality. This is why choosing a company with a proven track record of high-quality products like Facetime Business Resources is a must when sourcing your promotional wear.

Custom Promo Apparel

Something often overlooked in quality promotional materials is the design. Creating custom promotional clothing with awesome design accomplishes the two tasks of promotional apparel to perfection. Not only are clothes with cool, sophisticated, or impactful graphics more likely to be worn, but they are also more likely to be noticed, commented on, and remembered by those seeing the clothing. Of course, being noticed is the whole point of promotional clothing.

Not only does Facetime Business Resources feature high quality, affordable promotional apparel, we also offer custom printing options and in house designers to help create a design just for your company or event that is sure to stand out from the crowd. Visit our website or send us a message today!

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