Unconventional Promotional Products to Make Your Business Stand Out

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Marketing your business can feel intimidating. How can a smaller business be expected to compete against the deep pockets of corporate America? Business promotional items are one of the best ways for businesses to compete with larger competitors. A company with a unique, carefully curated personality will always beat the drab, mass-produced nature of a big corporation. What better way to capitalize on that advantage than with quirky, custom-made, promotional items? A carefully chosen promotional product means customers will see it daily, keeping your company at the forefront of their minds. We’ve compiled a handful of cool promotional items that will make your company stand out from the crowd.

Drawstring Bag Cooler

Create marketing that snowballs into a higher value with this piece of cool branded merch, guaranteed to show off your brand wherever it’s worn. These drawstring bags feature an aluminum lining that will keep your drinks and snacks cool for longer. Drawstring bags are common as far as business merch is considered, but we guarantee that they don’t have one that’s also a cooler. If they get this one, they’re not using anything else. Want to get “cool?” Better start here.

Credit Card-Sized 18-in-1 Multi-Function Hand Tool

Looking for a product that will be there when your customer needs it most? Look no further. Made of heat-treated stainless steel to be the size of a credit card, it’s the perfect addition to a survival kit or wallet. This compact multi-tool features 18 different functionalities: screwdriver, ruler, cable bender, letter opener, hex wrench, slide blade, can opener, peeler, phone stand, bottle opener, and more are stored in one small package. Ideal for marketing to a variety of industries. Don’t get caught unprepared. Keep your customers ready for anything your competitors might throw at them with a branded hand tool here.

5 Seed Stick “Matchbox”

This eco-friendly product is sure to leave a positive impression on your customers for years to come. Matchbox seed sticks have been one of the coolest pieces of branding merchandise available since the original 1940s matchbox. There are a variety of seed options available, including wildflower, strawberry, mixed herbs, or chili. These are the perfect bespoke handout for environmental clean-ups, to put on a desk in an office, or even to use as a business card. Plant a seed in your customer’s minds here.

Folding Silicone Mug

This foldable travel mug comes with a straw and lid made from food-grade silicone. BPA-free with FDA, and LFGB, this is a stand-out piece of branded merchandise. This promotional product features nicely as part of a “welcome” kit for clients, a retail item, or part of an appreciation gift for an employee. Easy to clean with a 12oz capacity and a long service life, this environmentally friendly mug is perfect for eco-conscious companies. Screen printed with your company logo, it’s sure to represent your brand in the daily lives of its recipients. Don’t get your clients their average cup of joe—warm them up here.

Branded products are one of the best ways to counteract the financial advantage of larger competitors. Let the creativity of your company shine through with a stand-out promotional product designed custom for your company by Facetime Business Resources.

Looking for quirky, cool business merch or any of the products listed above? Let us know! We’ll be happy to help you find the right promotional product for you!


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