Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Two girls on running track, passing off relay baton.

The financial burdens facing modern school sport teams are no secret. The price to play seems to be creeping steadily higher year after year. To combat the price creep, sports and schools often institute booster clubs or fundraising programs to help with funding challenges. However, what do you do when the booster club funds fail to be enough? Is it possible to boost the booster club?

The short answer is yes. There’s plenty you can do to help improve the success of your sports fundraising campaign, and there’s plenty of ways that promotional products can help you out along the way.

Get the Whole Team Involved

It’s no secret that sports impart invaluable life skills upon participants. Just to name a few: teamwork, comradery, self-improvement, goal setting, and determination. Your team is likely filled with bright minds—let them help plan the fundraising campaign!

What does this look like? It could be a team brainstorm session. It could be choosing rewards for top donators. It could be finding a charity to split the results of the fundraising with. Giving your players agency to make important decisions will make them more invested in the fundraiser and help set your campaign apart from the crowd.

Furthermore, breaking up the fundraising effort in this way allows all participants to contribute. It’s won’t just be the highest seller’s effort being lauded as the pinnacle of achievement—participants without access to donation sources can contribute just as much to the fundraising.

Local Businesses

When asking for donations, local business are the first places you should go. Most business owners are aware of the donation tax write-offs, and they may be eager to seize a piece of that pie.

Partnering with a local business can be a mutually beneficial affair. Some teams work with a local business to sell branded merchandise, making money for both the sports team and business at the same time. Utilizing the people power of your team in a rent-a-team scenario, such as a carwash or yard cleanup opportunity, can also yield incredible results. A local business may even choose to support your team in exchange for a sponsor spot on your jerseys.

Merchandise Fundraising

For school sports, promotional products can be particularly effective for fundraising. Kids need something to wear to games, teachers want to rep some school spirit, and parents want to show support from the stands. With a great logo and a little help from a company like Facetime Business Resources, you can create t-shirts, knit hats, and banners with your team’s colors and logo proudly displayed. Sell them at a booth during games or in the school store to make sure everyone is ready for the next big game.

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