The Best Products for Spring-Themed Promotions: Umbrellas, Sunglasses, and More!

Woman standing in front of bushes wearing sundress, umbrella, sunglasses.

Ah, spring! The warming weather brings with it a variety of opportunities to advertise your brand on seasonal promotional products. Whatever the purpose of your next marketing campaign, businesses should be aware of two things when choosing springtime promotional products: their initial cost and their retention.

Cost Retention Theory

The retention of a promotional product concerns how long that item is used. For non-hoarders, most items have a timeline, after which they are no longer desirable or useful. The longer consumers hang on to your promotional products, the fresher your brand name will stay in their mind, so it’s in your business’ best interest to choose items with a long lifespan. You can also lengthen the lifespan of your products by choosing a high-quality promotional product supplier.

Think about use case, too. This might be as simple as designing your promotional product campaign around the season or needs of the community. The promotional products you hand out in spring should look different than the ones you offer in fall—you wouldn’t give out branded beach towels in winter, right? Highlighting seasonal needs allows you to gift products you know will be readily used.

Spring Promotional Product Ideas


Umbrellas are commonly used as spring promotional products. They’re great for combatting spring showers, and they have some of the longest retention timelines among branded items—14 months!


An extra pair of sunglasses is always good to have on hand as we rapidly approach summer. If your budget allows for it, choose something higher quality with UV-protection to increase its retention.

Lip Balm, Water Bottles, and More

Items such as lip balm and water bottles can also be wonderful choices for spring promotional products. As the warmer weather beckons us outside, these two items become indispensable. However, choosing more leisurely items, like T-shirts and can koozies, can be a great way to showcase your company’s fun side while gearing customers up for the warmer months ahead.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience and their needs is imperative to providing promotional items with the longest possible retention. For example, pool installations in Minnesota skyrocketed during 2020. This means items like plastic cups, coolers, swim floaties, and beach totes would have been great choices for promotional products, and they also would have had an increased lifespan due to more customers having access to pools.

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