Best Promotional Products for Winter Events in 2022

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Winter comes in many forms. It’s important for businesses to remember, however, that not all winters are the same. Here in Minnesota, winters mean subzero temperatures and icy roads, while someone in Florida may only experience less time on the beach. When planning promotional products for winter events, it is best to keep that in mind.

Planning the Best Winter Promotional Products

2022 is the year of renewal, of reaffirming our aspirations and taking steps towards our new normal. In order to have the best promotional products for the winter of 2022, marketeers must know winter themes along with the pulse of 2022 as well. No longer does average get noticed, but high-end products remain outside of some promotional budgets. However, the best promotional products for 2022 don’t need to be the most expensive, but rather the best suited for the situation.

The Power of Quality

Swag gifts are a common facet of promotional products, but having poor swag is openly saying you don’t value the recipient—whether they be staff, customers, or clients. For example, most Minnesotan’s possess an ice scraper, so having a cheap, small one in your swag bag relegates it to obscurity. If instead you place an upscale scraper in the swag bag, it will increase its use and fulfill its role of a promotional item.

When faced with budgetary constraints it is better to pivot to a different product than provide an inferior one. There are many distinct and wonderful promotional products out there, such as cups, mugs, tote bags, water bottles, and clothing items. Switching to a more cost friendly swag gift can be a great alternative to inferior quality products, especially when they more adequately align with brand identity.

Strategically Branding Your Products

It would be foolish for a tech company to gift gloves that were not electronic screen friendly, but since they can be more expensive than their counterparts, switching to a different article of clothing, like a hat or scarf, would be a smart pivot. Like anything marketing, winter promotional products of 2022 should consist of swag gifts and winter events between the intersections of your brand identity and consumer needs.

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