Minnesota Winter Promotional Product Essentials

Concept of winter clothes on wooden table

Winter is unpredictable, especially in Minnesota, where despite storms large and small we rush out to meet them; undaunted, albeit with caution and four-wheel drive engaged. Because of this, cold weather essentials are always welcome, either as a replacement for everyday use or as a backup to be thrown in a glove box or emergency stash.

Selecting Winter Promo Products

Winter promotional products can consist of a multitude of items, so when planning branded promotional products with a winter theme in mind, it is smart to think outside the box. Even promotional items such as candles can be a great way to send warmth as a winter promotional product. Common winter promotional products, however, typically consist of four main categories: winter coats, hats and gloves, sweaters and sweatshirts, and thermoses.

A Plethora of Branded Choices

Branded winter coats, while a premium item, are a great branded item. Because the branding features prominently on them, and they are most likely to be outerwear, you can be sure people will spot your logo often. While more cost-effective solutions, branded sweaters and sweatshirts can be a great promotional product to showcase your brand. Also, as more rugged Minnesotan’s will show you, these products can still be worn as outerwear in winter.

The most cost-effective winter clothing promotional products are branded hats, gloves, and scarves, which also feature the benefit of being outerwear, meaning your brand will be showcased no matter the weather. The various styles between winter hats, gloves, and scarves further allows your brand to differentiate itself from the competition by showcasing its uniqueness through your design choice.

Winter Accessories

Aside from branded winter clothing, thermoses are a great idea for a winter promotional product. The ability to keep hots hot and colds cold is a wonderful feature, as it provides longevity to your branded thermos beyond the winter months. Pairing your thermos with hot cocoa or apple cider can be a unique way to distinguish your company from the competition.

No matter which of these winter promotional products you choose, you can be sure that FaceTime Business Resources can help. With our plethora of choices, you can find multiple ways to showcase your brand and promote awareness. If you’re still not sure which to choose, contact us to find the right product for your brand.

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