The Effectiveness of Promotional Products (And Why You Should Be Using Them)

Your marketing professional looking at promotional product design on computer

T-shirts, mousepads, coffee mugs, and notepads—what do all these things have in common? They’re some of the most widely used advertising platforms in the world! If you have yet to incorporate promotional products into your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to reach your customers.

The Promotional Product Industry

Promotional products accounted for approximately 8% of U.S. advertising spend in 2018. After a slight dip in revenue due to the pandemic, the industry is back on track to increase again in the future as total advertising expenditure continues to grow worldwide.

Promotional products have continued to be an effective way to spread brand awareness, even with the threat of quarantine looming overhead. In fact, seven out of ten brands say promotional products effectively help them achieve their marketing goals. After all, one of the best ways to capture your customers’ attention is to give them something they’ll see and use every day.

Improve Networking Relationships with Promotional Products

Another incredibly useful facet of promotional product is their ability to improve the relationships between bosses, customers, and clients. As cheesy as it may sound, gifts are tangible proof that show you’ve put thought into fostering the relationship. Providing an above-and-beyond experience with unexpectedly useful promotional items improves customer retention. The appreciation conveyed from boss to employee with a branded corporate gift says more than a million “thank-you” emails ever could.

The Rule of Reciprocity

The rule of reciprocity is a feeling of obligation felt by the recipient of a gift, which encourages them to return the favor. Giving a branded product to someone triggers this feeling, giving them a sense of obligation to somehow reciprocate the show of appreciation. Many times, this could be as simple as hearing out a sales pitch or trying a free sample, but that could also result in the establishment of a long-lasting and profitable relationship.

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