Company Apparel and Team Morale

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When it comes down to it, branded company apparel is a promotional product—just one that’s used by the members of your company rather than your customers. Besides being a convenient way to get your company’s name out into the world. Branded team apparel can also provide several internal benefits for your company culture. In this article, we’ll cover the top morale-boosting benefits of branded company apparel, as well as our suggestions for the top custom apparel items for your team.

Boosting Morale with Company Apparel

Especially in the fall, the waning hours of daylight and the cold temperatures can tank motivation and morale within a company. Everyone knows higher morale equals higher productivity. Company apparel just might be your key to boosting your team spirit out of the winter blues.

As materialistic as it may sound, it’s true: spending a bit of money on your employees can show them that they’re an important part of the company. Especially if it’s presented as part of an employee appreciation initiative, like a holiday gift, company apparel provides tangible evidence of recognition and appreciation.

Company apparel cultivates a sense of togetherness and belonging inside the office, which, in turn, boosts team morale. When shown off outside the office at trade shows or marketing events, it also gives your customers the impression of professionality by presenting a united front.

The Best Company Apparel Products

Classic Hoodie

Everyone loves a warm, cozy hoodie—especially during the colder months. Customize our classic pullover with your logo on the front and a promotional print on the lining of the hood. The unique design is sure to make this company apparel your employees’ new favorite for the chilly winter.

Long-Sleeve Dress Shirt

If you want your employees to represent your business with something a bit more professional, try out the Wicked Woven® Long Sleeve Shirt. Moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant, these shirts can be embroidered with your name or logo for a classy callout to your business.

Fleece Jacket

Whether you’re trying to stay warm in the office or looking for an extra layer come spring, a fleece jacket is perfect for any season. Choose from classic colors and finish it with your company’s logo.

View our full selection of branded company apparel on the Facetime Business Resources online store. From polos to baseball caps, we’ll help your find the perfect apparel for your company.

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