Choosing Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Flat lay of a reusable bag and reusable metal water bottle.

Especially in recent years, sustainability is at the forefront of many consumers’ minds. With that, there’s been a push for corporations to step up and take responsibility for their effect on the environment. We only have one planet, and it’s up to us to make sure the products we provide are setting Earth up for a greener future.

Many businesses have caught on to the green movement and made sustainability a selling point for their products. When promoting your business, you can also keep sustainability in mind by choosing eco-friendly promotional products.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Promotional Products?

Besides the obvious benefits to the environment, choosing sustainable promotional products to advertise your organization shows your company is invested in the future of the planet. When done tastefully and honestly, you can even make your green values an advertising point for your company. Especially among the younger generations, like Gen Z and Millennials, support for environmental responsibility is high, and they prefer to buy from brands which align with their political, social, and economic values.

Choose Products That Are Made with Sustainability in Mind

When choosing your promotional products, look for options that are created from sustainable materials. What makes a material sustainable? Take bamboo, for example. Not only can it be made into a wide variety of products, but bamboo needs little water to thrive, grows incredibly fast, and decomposes quickly, meaning products made from bamboo have less of a negative effect on the environment if they are thrown away.

Consider promotional products made from other sustainable materials, such as cork coasters, jute tote bags, or recycled notebooks.

Choose Products That Will Be Reused

Unfortunately, in the promotional product industry, single-use plastic is a huge problem. Many traditional promotional items that are made of plastic, like pens, water bottles, or stadium cups, wind up in landfills and can take hundreds of years to break down.

Part of this problem stems from companies choosing their promotional items poorly. Sure, your logo looks great on those stress balls you ordered, but how many of those will still be in use by the end of the year?

While it may require spending more on promotional products, by choosing items that people don’t just consider “clutter” or “junk,” you can not only help reduce the number of promotional items in landfills—you can help discourage the use of single-use plastic in the first place:

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