Promotional Products for High School Students

High schoolers taking an exam.

Why advertise to high school students? If they’re part of your company’s target audience, the answer might be obvious, but even if they’re not, it’s important not to count out the youngest generation in your advertising strategy. High school-aged Gen Zers have their own spending power and significant influence over household purchases.

Back-to-school season is just around the corner. Whether you’re a business looking to appeal to high schoolers or an educational facility looking to boost school spirit, we’ve got some of the best promotional products for your brand.

Highlighter and Study Flags

Whatever exam your customers are preparing for, help them study hard with this three-in-one notetaking tool. This double-sided pen comes with a black ballpoint tip on one side, a chisel highlighter on the other, and a cap equipped with a Post-it® flag dispenser for marking pages. With your logo printed on the barrel, they’ll know exactly who’s sponsoring their study session.

Weekly Planner

High school is the time for learning responsibility and time management skills in preparation for college or the workforce. Give your customers the tools they need to succeed with this branded weekly and monthly planner. Personalize it with your logo or local school mascot, as well as custom inserts.

Lunch Box

Sure, any lunch box will do if you’re looking to promote your company, but why not choose a product that stands out? You’ve got to admit: this bento-style lunch box is pretty sleek, especially with your brand name imprinted or engraved on top. The 20oz containers stack and secure with an elastic strap, and the box comes with reusable utensils to ensure your customer will be the most environmentally conscious kid at the table.

Key Finder

Remember what we said about high school being the time to learn responsibility? For older students, many are learning how to drive or just getting their first cars. You know what that means: at least one instance of lost car keys. Save the kids the embarrassment and save their parents the frustration—this Bluetooth key finder does both and makes a perfect promotional item for larger giveaways or contests.

Maybe your target audience is a little older—check out last month’s blog on the perfect promotional products for college students during this back-to-school season, or shop online at the Facetime Business Resources website.

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