Promotional Products for Your New Employee

You did it—you finally found the perfect person to fill that open position on your team. The next step? Assembling the perfect employee onboarding package to welcome them to the office. No, we’re not just talking about the employee handbook or the tax documents—of course, that stuff is important, too, but for an onboarding kit that really wows, consider including few things that go beyond just the essentials.

While assembling your employee onboarding kit, balance function and fun, and consider what items would be useful for a new employee in your particular industry. Besides simply being a nice way to welcome your new employee, a well-made onboarding kit can be demonstrative of the company culture you’re trying to promote and gives your new hire a way to represent their new company in style.

Water Bottle

Yeah, you probably guessed we were going to say that. But seriously, reusable water bottles are an office essential, and it’s doubtful they’re going out of use anytime soon. Being well-hydrated boosts energy levels, mood, and brain function, making your office a more positive place to work. Ditch the tiny cups from the water cooler and upgrade your new employee’s hydration with a 25oz BPA-free water bottle.


Webcam Cover

Show your new employee privacy comes first with a branded webcam cover. With video calls and virtual meetings a daily occurrence, protecting your employees from cyber-attacks is more important than ever.


Company apparel is a fantastic way to let your employees represent your company, but large, ostentatious branding can actually discourage some people from wearing your apparel in public. Consider spending a bit more time developing a creative design or witty slogan your employee will be proud to wear on a shirt, beanie, or mask.

Office Supplies

Set your new hire up with the office essentials: a stapler, paper clips, tape, rubber bands—everything they’ll need to stay organized. The 7-in-1 Stationary Kit comes in a handy box to keep all their supplies within reach.

Feeling inspired? Browse Facetime Business Resources’ massive selection of customizable promotional products and find the perfect welcome gifts for your new hire, or shop one of Facetime’s preassembled, branded onboarding kits.

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