Promotional Products for Your Workplace’s Spring Cleaning

Spring is on the way! While it might take some time for all the snow to melt, that doesn’t mean you have to wait for those fresh spring vibes—and what better way to shake off the winter blues than with a little spring cleaning?

Whether you’re working from home or back in the office, spring cleaning has been shown to reduce stress, boost productivity, and improve your attitude. Get in the springtime spirit and use these custom branded products to promote your brand during this year’s spring cleaning.

Spray & Wipe Cleaning Cloth

You never really realize how dirty the screens of your laptop, tablet, and phone are until that grubby black mirror is staring you in the face. Touchscreen devices are a huge transporter of germs, and now more than ever, it’s important to keep frequently handled surfaces clean. This cleaning spray comes attached to a microfiber cloth to disinfect and wipe all in one. Portable and refillable, keep it close to keep germs away.

Hand Soap

After you clean the bathrooms, restock with some fresh-scented hand soap. Our Soapbox™ gift set gently cleanses and comes in a wide variety of soothing scents, like citrus and peach rose,

lemon and tea leaves, and coconut milk and sandalwood. Additionally, every purchase sends soap to someone in need, so you can feel even better about getting that spring cleaning done.

Custom Air Freshener

Don’t neglect your car in your spring-cleaning routine. Clear out the buildup of fast-food wrappers, shake out the floor mats, and wipe your cup holders clean. Once all the trash is gone, bring back that new car scent with a branded air fresher. Customize the shape for your company’s logo or mascot, and pick from a variety of scents.

Desk Organizers

A messy desk makes it hard for anyone to be productive. Luckily, Facetime Business Resources has a multitude of options for desk organizers that will keep everything right where you need it. Try this simple wooden desk organizer, which provides a convenient place to store business cards and pens, as well as a stand for your phone to keep you from missing those important calls.

Alternatively, the Georgetown Desk Caddy stores all your writing utensil in one spot. The battery-operated display includes the time, date, and weather.

Shop all your spring cleaning and promotional product needs online at the Facetime Business Resources online store, or visit our blog for even more tips on developing your company’s promotional product marketing strategy.

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