Building Customer Loyalty with Promotional Products

When selling to a new customer, you have a success rate of 5-20%–but with an already-existing customer? That chance of success skyrockets to 60-70%. With stats like that, there’s no denying the importance of customer loyalty. But how do you inspire that kind of allegiance? How do you make sure your company is the first in their mind when they need something?


Promotional products are a fantastic way to keep your customers coming back for more, and there are several strategies that utilize the universal appeal of “free stuff” to help you show appreciation for your current clients and inspire potential ones to seal the deal.


Freebies with Purchase


It’s a simple concept—”spend X amount to get a free Y”—and it works, too. Rewarding your customers with a complementary gift shows them you appreciate their business. Implementing a tiered system of freebies allows smaller purchases to be rewarded while also encouraging customers to spend more for a bigger gift.


Handouts in Meetings


Whether meeting with a new, current, or potential client, considering bringing some appropriate promotional products to hand out after you wrap it up. Customers associate branded items with established businesses, so this shows professionalism, trust, and makes a good first (or reoccurring) impression. After all, what’s better than being given a delicious chocolate chunk cookie after a long meeting?


Loyalty and Referral Programs


If a customer reups their contract, upgrades a service, or just continues giving you their business, reward them with a gift, or implement a point-based system that can be redeemed for your promo products. Both methods incentivize customers to spend more and continue frequenting your business.


Referral programs work similarly but have the added bonus of helping you expand your customer base, since people more willingly trust an endorsement from a friend than impersonal marketing.


Contests and Drawings


With the holiday season on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to think about hosting a contest or drawing. This is a great way to interact with your current customers and encourage potential customers to engage with your brand. This strategy can easily be combined with others; for example, referring several people to your business could earn customers multiple entries in a drawing.


Everyone loves to win, but it’s also important customers are winning something they’ll need and want to use. FaceTime Business Resources has what you need to keep your business fresh in their minds during the holidays, like a cutting board for carving turkey, coasters for family dinner, or a cozy Sherpa blanket to stay warm during winter.

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