Promo Products for the Telehealth Market

We’ve seen plenty of changes due to COVID-19 landing in the United States early this year. One of the industries that has risen due to the pandemic is telehealth. The healthcare service had been gaining popularity over the past year, but the pandemic took it over the edge. Many facilities had to close to in-person visits, so their only choice became to see patients virtually. Even as regulations loosen as sanitation and distancing measures have been put into place, many are still uncomfortable keeping up their routines from pre-COVID. The convenience of telehealth—no driving to appointments, flexible hours for appointments, no risk of contracting COVID—means it is here to stay. There are some great items that the telehealth industry would benefit from.


Exercise Equipment

In some cases, physical therapy has had to move to a telehealth setting. Some patients simply may not have the equipment they need to complete their therapy, like dumbbells and yoga mats. Telehealth clinics should consider offering these to patients so they can complete their therapy without added difficulty.



Journals are a great way for patients to track their progress, whether they’re focusing on specific weight-loss goals, nutrition goals, or physical therapy goals. A journal with a pen and the name of the telehealth clinic is perfect for patients to track goals and make notes about their journey.


Branded Activewear

Activewear is ideal for physical therapy and weight-loss patients during telehealth appointments with physical therapists, trainers, and more. Activewear is easily branded with the name of the clinic and comes in numerous different colors and styles to suit everyone.


Blood Pressure Cuff

A blood pressure cuff makes it easy for patients to check their blood pressure at home—something that doctors and nurses are unable to do virtually. Consider investing in branded blood pressure cuffs—and even thermometers—for your telehealth patients.


The items above all make great gifts for new patients. If you have any questions about our products, we’d be happy to help!

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