Perfect Products for your Restaurant Reopening

Now that restaurants are reopening after the first wave of COVID-19 hit the United States, it’s time to bring those customers back in! Some individuals may still be a bit nervous about re-entering the dining scene and may need a little encouragement. These tips should help do the trick and bring them back through your doors.


Safety Products

First thing’s first: you need to make sure you are opening safely. If you don’t have safety measures in place, you may struggle to bring patrons in. Many restaurants are only allowed to open for outside service, but that doesn’t mean social distancing rules don’t also apply. You should be well-stocked with masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. There should be sanitizing stations for salt and pepper shakers and any other condiments that may be on the table, menus, pens, and anything else patrons and staff come in contact with. You may also consider ordering distance barriers that will put up and extra line of defense between customers and staff members.

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Launch Products

You know what they say: go big or go home! Why not celebrate your reopening with some fun décor? Balloons always bring attention and will help let customers know that you’re open for business. Customize them with your logo and a special phrase. Consider giving out a little gift, like these handy tools with styluses that allow you to open doors and type your debit card pin into keypads without touching the surfaces.


Eco-Friendly Products

Have you ever considered adopting a more eco-friendly approach at your restaurant? It’s a great way to bring in a whole new crowd that prioritizes green practices. Try out recyclable takeout containers, cloth napkins, and eco-friendly straws. Better yet, why not sell or offer these reusable silicone straws? This one comes in a carrying case with your logo on it so patrons can bring it with every time they visit your restaurant.



If you really want to draw in customers, extra incentives are always welcome. Consider offering mugs, totes, stadium cups, and bottle openers to a select number of people who are first to visit your restaurant. The customized, limited edition items will draw customers in who are already excited to dine-in at your restaurant again.


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