Every Door Direct Mail

Reach customers where they are!


With the current pandemic forcing businesses to take a step back and revamp their marketing plans, they’re looking for new ways to market to their customers. One simple way businesses can do this is by taking advantage of Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM. This allows businesses to have their flyers placed in everyone’s mailbox along a certain route for a very low cost and without having to purchase mailing lists or a bulk mail permit. The United States Postal Service sends these out.


With the benefit of a low postage rate, you do have to meet certain size requirements with EDDM. You can send a card, folded self-mailer, or an envelope as long as it is no smaller than 6.125 inches high by 11.5 inches long or more than ¼ inch thick. It can be no larger than 15 inches long by 12 inches high or ¾ inch thick.


Not only can you hit a large group of people at once with EDDM, rates are as low as $0.17 each. By doing market research, you’ll be able to target specific neighborhoods, ages, income levels, and household size so that the right people are seeing your product. With an eye-catching design, you’ll catch a lot of people’s attention. Use this as a way to remind people of your services, let them know you’re still open, or offer great discounts to encourage them to order food delivery from you.



If you want assistance with EDDM, let Facetime Business Resources partner with you! We can handle your project from start to finish. We’ll work on the design, you pick an address, city, or postal route, and we will take care of the rest. Contact us today at 320-281-3508.


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