Essential Label Products

We’re living in a weird, challenging time. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have had to lay individuals off, shut down parts of their business, or close altogether. Businesses that aren’t closed may have experienced a huge drop in their clients and are working out ways to continue to do business safely. Many people are wearing masks and gloves, new sanitation policies are in place, restaurants are only open for takeout or delivery, and social distancing markers are in place to keep shoppers at a safe distance. Facetime Business Resources is here to help you with any products you need to get your business and your customers safely through this pandemic.


Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are a great way to make sure people are safely social distancing. These are often used on the floors of checkout and return lines. They may also be used at restaurants, in banks, and for other essential service providers that require individuals to wait in line. We can help you with a variety of color and sizing options. Labels can be customized with your logo and requested colors.


Door Signage

Many businesses are changing their hours to allow overworked employees some downtime and to encourage adherence to stay-at-home orders. Grocery stores that were once open all night are now closing before 10:00 PM, and many other businesses are closed entirely. Custom door signage is the perfect way to convey this message to your customers. Potential customers will be aware of your hours before they ever step foot in the door.


Healthy Hygiene Labels

Healthy hygiene labels act as great reminders to the public. Posters with reminders to cover your cough, practice good hygiene, avoid touching your face, and practice social distancing will all promote prevention.


We have everything you need to promote healthy hygiene and #STOPTHESPREAD. Check out our options here:


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