Six Benefits of Advertising with Yard Signs

Your choices for promotional products are abundant. You can use any number of products –from pens and mouse pads to candy and balloons – to promote your business, event, or cause. Knowing which is the best option isn’t always obvious – especially with so many options available.


Lawn signs are a tried-and-true method of advertising, not to mention they come with a ton of added benefits.


Yard Signs are Affordable. Compared to other forms of traditional advertising, yard signs are among the cheapest. You could spend $1000/month or more on a billboard, or you could spend much less on a collection of yard signs that you can place almost anywhere.


They’re Simple to Set Up. You don’t need to be a marketing whiz to use Yard signs. You don’t need to know market trends, traffic counts, demographic research, etc. Just place them in the ground and let them work their magic.


They’re Effective. Lawn signs work well because they are most likely seen by the people who are going to care most about their content. They likely live, work, or travel often in the areas that the signs are displayed, so they are more likely to be relevant. Because they’re easy to set up, you can put them in high traffic areas, and because they’re double-sided, your message with translate to people traveling in both directions.

yard signs

No Design Limitations. There isn’t a limit to the design options on a Yard Sign. Bright colors? No problem. Intricate designs? That’ll be fine. Whatever your design, you can put it on a yard sign without added fees or difficulties.


Flexible Usage. Do you feel like your yard signs aren’t working well in a specific area? Simple fix – pull them out of the ground and put it somewhere else. You can also get more yard signs and try them out in other areas. Because they’re lightweight and easy to set up, making changes or adding more isn’t difficult at all.


The Materials are Durable. Despite yard signs being simple, light, and inexpensive, they are still made to last. They are made from high-quality components, including a corrugated plastic that is lightweight and tough and ink made to resist fading and withstand the weather.


Environmentally Friendly. Many yard signs are designed to be reusable. Should you advertise for an annual event or seasonal business, you can use the same yard signs over and over again.  Even better, if the signs are used for a one-time promotion, they are recyclable.


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