Why Your Business Needs Custom Letterhead

If you’re a professional business and you don’t have branded letterhead and envelopes, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Professional letterhead builds a professional image. It also goes a long way for branding purposes and will increase your credibility.


Professional letterhead and envelopes may be the first point of contact for businesses and potential clients. A well-designed letterhead will make your business look official and professional; it increases your credibility and strengthens your brand. It also acts as a strong marketing tool because as potential clients open the envelope, all your details are right there, acting as a reminder for them to call you. Letterhead also dresses up the piece of paper.


When choosing letterhead, opt for high quality options. Think quality paper and a quality design. All the text should be correct; you wouldn’t want to accidentally transpose a number in your phone number so that no one is able to reach you. Include relevant information, but not too much information. For instance, it might be relevant to include your social media handles if you’re a digital marketing company with a large following, but if your business doesn’t use social media much, it isn’t necessary to include it on the letterhead. Make sure your logo and text are clear. Design the letterhead with the proper software and consider alignment and positioning. You’ll be able to create custom layouts with Adobe InDesign as opposed to the basic templates in Microsoft Word. Look at other professionally-designed letterhead to give you ideas about how you want yours to look. Your design should also represent both your business and adapt to your clients. A funky, multi-colored design might not be the best option for a minimalist company with clients to match. If you’re struggling with this point, you can always work with a designer at Facetime Business Resources to design something effective for you.


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